does the new epidemic really affect sales?

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Hello friends, what do you think, does the new epidemic (coronavirus )really affect sales?


Posted 22 days ago

It probably will affect sales negatively in the short term because most people will not have the expendable cash flow, and even studios could get shorthanded or close completely for a while as people continue to get sick. On the bright side, it could keep people indoors and on their computers more, which means more online shopping and digital spending rather than traditional shopping. Hopefully, we see the later. Only time will tell.

leinad67 wrote
My thoughts exactly...
Posted 22 days ago

The measures to stop it affect economy, so most likely yes.
We will see how bad.

Posted 22 days ago

People need the money for disinfectants and soap now (if they still get some), lot's of food to throw away later and the very most important: toilet paper! ;) Buying like apocalypse is starting right now....

Posted 22 days ago

Biggest financial crisis in our generation incoming.

Posted 22 days ago

During global financial crisis 2008/09 my income was big and fat as never before and never later. It was hilarious: my employer had no money to pay salaries, but I had and got lots of customers that wanted to make various golden shit. They was afraid to invest in businesses and/or papers (like stocks or currency speculations), but wanted to freeze part of their money to precious metals. So I had no regular salary whole autumn 2008 and winter 2009, but got much more from freelance.

I hope todays "coronacrisis" will repeat the same scenario ( if I'm not wrong prices of precious metals are already rised). But at this moment it's just foggy hope. Because statistics shows sad picture: for unknown reason I had abnormal sales and custom projects on CGTrader in January and February and very bad sales/views dinamics in this month (Marth).

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Art has a healing effect on me so in stressful times I create and look at more art.
It eases my mind and provides focus on something positive towards the future.
I believe people usually get most creative in challenging times (at least some of us?).

Anyways, some art websites have reported an increase in traffic so I'm probably not the only one experiencing this effect?

Just keep living and do the best you can, what is out of your control is simply out of your control ;-)

Posted 21 days ago

In my opinion everyone will forget about this disease soon. Nothing will happen.

Posted 19 days ago

If past crisis has taught us anything, it's that you can't predict people.

It might depend on your clientele. If you sell mainly to studios, then yes, income will drop because studios are going into lockdown. If you sell mainly to hobbyists, then income might go up as people are at home and looking for distractions, on the other hand, people would be afraid of their own income, job loss, etc, so they may hold back on any discretionary spending.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm just doing exactly what I was doing before this. Sales will either go up, or down, or stay the same, doesn't matter. Either way, at some point it will be over until the next thing comes along.

luxxeon wrote
I agree. There's no need to change what you're doing. There's no way to predict how this will go financially. The best thing to do is keep on course with your own products and perhaps use this as an excuse to create even more. Some of us may have full-time jobs with studios and suddenly find ourselves home with time to kill, or some of us may do this full time. Either way, just keep making products because eventually things will recover and you will want to be ahead of the game in that situation.
everyplant wrote
Spot on luxxeon, I''m 100% with that thinking. I'm sitting with time to kill so rather than spend it on the Xbox, I'm spending extra time making models to upload. My output has tripled. If it doesn't sell now, then I'll have more models uploaded for when people are ready to buy again. Anyway, stay safe people.
Posted 16 days ago

Rivaling marketplace has posted quite interesting article with some insights into current situation. You may want to read it if you're not too allergic to octopuses ;]

Posted 15 days ago

@skapricorn, i think you need to be registered at TS to see the article. If you are registered, then go to your dashboard and see news section - should be the latest article there.

Posted 14 days ago

Yes, if you are registered there, then you can find it in their community blogs. It was a good read.

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