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Is there a option on CGT or Hyperwallet to get full earnings in one batch?
I have 200$ on CGT account but so far i got silly splits of that in batches every week once of 30$, then next week 7$ then 18$ ...etc.
Come on ... this is ridiculous.


Posted 2 months ago

People complained in the past about having to wait up to 51 days for their payment. Now that payments are weekly, there are people who complain about that. I guess the old saying is true that can't please everyone all the time. I feel sorry for those users who are having problems getting their payments regularly on Hyperwallet and not getting the proper response from support.

dovlex wrote
in past payments amounts and schedules were meaningful ... Now you need to wait 200$ to be paid off in 10 batches. I gess the old saying is true " Don't turn your horse into a donkey
LucasArtz wrote
The waiting time (schedule) has nothing to do with the payment methods. It's a tax threshold and transaction thing to save CGTrader money by bulk billing. I guess the old saying is true that thinking before you type avoids embarrassment
TazMan2000 wrote
Tax threshold and transaction thing? Perhaps you should follow the wisdom of the old sayings.
Posted 2 months ago

I don't see a problem with that. Cgtrader does not take any fees for transfers to hyperwallet, so it doesn't matter how often, or in how small batches they are sending the payments - it doesn't cost you single penny. Hyperwallet takes fee for the transfer, but you have control how often the transfer will occur, you can even chose manual transfer and get your payments once per year to save on fees.

antony7 wrote
Those who run sales legally and invoice the sales invoice cgtrader not the hypervallet. So each small payout has to come with a separate invoice burdening the accounting.

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