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My country government (Ukraine) is withholding payment from CGTrader.

They want me to provide some sort of document that proves I have agreement with CGTrader website. I've tried providing them screenshot of my agreement, but they want a document file. I couldn't find anything like that in profile settings, contacted support a few times, but no one replied in 5 days. Please, I need your help, CGTrader is the only source of my income.


Posted 2 months ago

Hi there,

Team will get back to you shortly, they are working on the issue at the moment.

Austėja from CGTrader

Posted 2 months ago

I also have similar your problem, i don't what they do. i try chat in facebook and they need my ID and any file. but still not approve . they say that they need english text in ID in my country but for in my country ID is not say write in english language. so sad about this... in documents they need passport but i don't have this. Now I don't believe this company anymore. i don't want upload my model in this anymore... waiting nearly 1 year for claim my money but still not approve

MrMorokort wrote
Maybe i delete my file that i upload to this website if they not solve my problem. month to month never get my salary
Ronnie-Mifiv wrote
I think the best solution in this situation would be to use some sort of international ID or document like a passport. Usually, these documents have text written in the country's native and English languages.
Posted 2 months ago

@MrMrokort, have you tried visiting an official center that can convert your ID documents into English? I am in a country where they write all official documents in their native language which I get translated to English and stamped for official reasons.

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