Weekly Challenge Heats The Blood: Winners of 26th of August

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Hey everyone!

Weekly Challenge seems to become a place for an intelligent fight. Actually, prizes are worth to spend some time on this. Moreover, there are more and more prizes coming, so do not rest on laurels. The golden top two of the last week's challenge humster3d and Evgeny have reached unbelievable amount of reputation points: the line of 3,000 points was easily beaten. 

Sunday evening turned into impressive, but peaceful fight between two designers. And...humster3d won the challenge. Thanks to this studio, CGTrader.com digital library was enriched with fresh and stunning 3D models. So, in order to inspire Evgeny and motivate him to move forward by any means, we decided to make an exception and to announce a runner-up of a challenge also. He will be awarded with Plaintextures Platinum Membership and 50 CGTrader credits. Guys, we are really glad to have you here. 

Congrats to the winners!

So, what do you think about last week's challenge? Some time ago it was a big discussion here on the topic, are there any opinions or emotions on this competition? 

Have a nice day, 3D universe inhabitants!


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I think the rules for the weekly challenge should be reconsider. For example, spamming similar models such as flags for example should be consider as cheating. As i have discuss this matter with your online support, and he/she said it is legal, and recommend i do the same, which i wont.

Posted almost 7 years ago

Fair point firdz3d. We will have to think through and enhance challenge rules to prevent such trickery. I think we should add a rule which states something like this:
In order to be eligible winning the challenge, user's actions must provide definite value for the community and other users and should not attempt to earn reputation points with repetitive low-value actions. CGTrader Staff has right to choose another user with lower reputation points if suspected that reputation points were generated with any actions stated above.

What do you think?

firdz3d wrote
fair enough :)
Posted almost 7 years ago

I think it's a good point. By the way.... what happened with those who only have points from downloads? I mean.... 500 points or more only from downloads, Is it that possible? Maybe it is, I don't know....

Posted almost 7 years ago

Hi, i think it its not fair for those individuals who want to participate in this competition as they wont be able to upload more than 7 or 10 models in a week and that if they work very hard .

i work individually so am not into this challenge.

but its a very good idea if its fair :)

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Cartoonmotion is right. I mean, when an artist came for the first time and they upload all of his models, they easily will make a lot of points. He has more advantage to win just because He's new, what about the old artists that just upload 2-3 models in a week? We won't have a possibility because there will always new artist here (And that is good please don't misunderstood me, but not for weekly challenge).

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This is a good topic.
I think the staff of CgTrader must do something about this.
It would be nice if would give more points if the quality of the loaded model is higher.
In this way the old modelers would have a chance to win.

Posted almost 7 years ago

Hi guys, thanks for raising good questions. The purpose of bonus points is to make weekly challenge more dynamic, so there would not be a situation where the same user wins many times. But we started weekly challenge as a fun way for all artists to be more active on CGTrader so in that sense you are right. Soon we will introduce more interesting features related to reputation and we have a few ideas on how to make weekly challenge more interesting for all users.

Meanwhile, if you have ideas on how to balance weekly challenge, please let us know!

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