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I'm little tired from designing supercar concepts,so I've decided to try to design different kind of concept vehicle.I started to model it several months ago,but yesterday I was pretty inspired to finish it.Yesterday some details reminded me on old Renault 4 vehicle.Today I see some details which reminding me on Darth Vader mask.For now I will put some test renderings of my concept,but soon I will upload my 3d model of this concept for sale on cgtrader.Enjoy my work.

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Posted almost 4 years ago

Beautiful work with your concept vehicle. It definitely reflects a lot of the trends that seem to be driving new automobile designs - the higher window line, flared fenders, a smooth, almost minimalist approach to body panel accents. And the wheels are very eye-catching. I could easily envision this showing up on a showroom floor in the next couple years.

My only suggestion might be to experiment with some additional ideas on the front end. Perhaps making the hood slope a little more toward the front of the vehicle, or adding some horizontal features below the grille that draw the eye across the front of the vehicle in a transverse direction.

Keep up the good work!

elok3dart wrote
Thank you cbspicer for your very detailed feedbacks about my concept vehicle.I will try to change front end of the car to get more agressive and more modern look,cause rear view of the concept looks pretty nice.It would be nice to see it on a showroom floor in the next couple years,but it is hard to find a real investor.Believe me I tried many times to find the real client for my concept vehicles mostly supercars,from 4 of them only with one or two I was close to real production of this concepts below.Unfotunately one of my client had a big tragedy in his family,so he was forced to stop the project. https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/car/concept/evoni-supercar-concept For second client,problem was to collect enough money for the project,but at the end my concept was on top cover of 3Dartist magazine from UK.It was pretty small success for me in comparing what it could be,but I don't give up from my dream. https://www.3dartistonline.com/news/2015/07/blender-fans-rejoice-issue-83-is-out-now/ I didn't create after that a lot,and I procrastinated for more then a year with 3d modeling,sketching,design,but now I know how to return and continue with my 3d modeling work.Designing my own concepts is my biggest passion,that was the main reason why I learned computer graphics and why I'm in the CG industry today.My bestsellers are privatejets and other airplanes,but sometimes I sell my own concepts too,under editorial license.For example this futuristic concept of mine sells pretty good under editorial license. https://sketchfab.com/models/188f51fa2a824df49060ca231a8c6ba1 Once again Thank you for your advices and feedbacks,so now I know I can continue with other smaller details and upload my concept to the online market.

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