Eferos supercar concept final

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After I've watched at some of my 3d models cars mostly,I saw I need to try to rerender some cars and change car paint too.Check out my Eferos supercar with red color car paint(better suits then blue)and it's final look which I like better then previous.For other renderings and 3d model check here


By the way if you like it,on link below is also my hires image of this supercar concept older version,but with final image layout made with gimp looks pretty good.



Posted about 4 years ago

Brilliant model. Really well designed and made. Maybe leave the image to render longer to help make it look less grainy.

elok3dart wrote
Thanks beckstation for your nice comments about my concept car.I'm glad you like it.It was created for real car prototyping,but the investor abandoned the project.

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