3D Character Challenge

3D Character Challenge

Want to participate in the challenge? All you have to do is to prove that your fantasy and professionalism is a more powerful potion than uranium or the famous deadly spell Avada Kedavra that was used by Lord Voldemort against Harry Potter.

Let your childhood beasts leave the wardrobe or get out from under the bed. Call all the 3d people and creatures like fairies, elves, goblins, dwarfs, owls, wizards, hobbits, witches, lizards, unicorns, centaurs, mermaids, princesses, giants you have ever read about to wake up from the book pages, to step off the TV screen (like a hulkbuster 3d model, anyone?) and to awake from the life of being a plush toy. Immediately design the character model of your choosing!

Then participate in this unique challenge with your original entries and... have all the chances to become the winner!

Challenge ended on: 2013-09-15 06:59:59 UTC


Below are the top quality models that were participating in this challenge.