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May 19th, 2011

Quality Promotion and Trusted Vendors

Quality promotion and Trusted Vendor features are not used yet to full extent.

We plan to apply these methods soon, after development of back-end management is complete.

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May 18th, 2011

3D Humans Awaiting To Join Interior Designs

Yesterday tristan_bethe uploaded 4 exclusive 3D models that a really worth consideration of architectures and interior designers.

The man (a senior, a businessman, pregnant lady or a man in T-short) is standing casually and seems to be waiting to get into your room, kitchen or terrace that now are empty in your interior or architectural plan.

These models are 3D scans without any retopo done.

Albert Hadley, The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer, once said:

The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what's in or what's out. This is not an easy job.

Thanks to tristan_bethe for joining and helping interior designers allow their customers to imagine themselves in the environment they could live in.

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May 18th, 2011

Known Bugs, Fixes and Upcoming Updates

Here is the list of upcoming features and known issues we are working on right now:

  • Item page doesn’t show product category in which a product is published. Will be implemented as breadcrumbs navigation address below menu bar.
  • Search phrase and selected filters get canceled when Sorting or “Items per page” functions are used.
  • Advanced Search by Author name doesn’t work.
  • Related Keywords on Product page need some calibration to suggest better keywords.
  • 3D models and Revit models are shown on the same page. Will be separated to distinct pages and tabs.
  • Revit uploading is not yet fully functioning.
  • Product edit replaces publishing date so it goes to top of the new models list at the Homepage. Will elaborate on that.
  • Personal Message don’t work when try to send via Item Page user name link.
  • User Interface Help Tips will be implemented to assist you on various functionality.
  • Selection checkboxes will be implemented in Files and Images uploader.
  • Thumbnails sometimes shows empty image (half-open box image).

Fixed bugs and new features:

  • Uploading images sometimes picked up other images, already existing in the database. It happened when image names were the same. Now it is fixed.
  • Added “Make Primary” button at image uploader. Now you can assign any uploaded image as primary image.
  • Optional PayPal email address field is added at Sign Up form.
  • PayPal email warning at My products page if email address is not provided.
  • In Product Description there was a problem with character encoding and occasionally was showing diamond signs with question-marks. Now it is fixed.
  • Product status in My Products section now shows
  • Products and Profiles without customer ratings are marked as “Not rated yet”
  • Neutral customer rating now means 50% of positive rating.
  • File formats below thumbnails was stepping out of the frame. Now it is fixed.
  • CGTrader Statistics, Filter by date gets canceled when trying to sort table by any column.
  • Description text editor toolbar is purged from unnecessary functions.
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May 11th, 2011

CGTrader Launch Sets New Rules of The Game

We a’re excited to launch a platform for CG community that will change the rules of the game within CG community.

This is very ambitious target, we know, and the only way to achieve it is keep ourselves focused on developing both the platform and new understanding of what fair partnership in CG industry really means.

The platform is in open-beta yet, developers team is focused on fixing the known issues. We’re looking forward to your feedback and will update about new features shortly.

Why are we developing Being 3D designers ourselves we faced the unfairness of current CG stock sites when sharing the income with the authors. We felt the speculators profited form our talent and the we calculated how much they did! Then we asked ourselves: who created more value: author or speculator?

Then we were looking for more fair 3D models stock, discussed with the speculators requesting to lower the commission - and failed. No one agreed to listen what are the real needs of CG designers and so we had no choice but to build a fair platform ourselves.

We know yet lacks of some functionality, 3D models and awareness world wide. We’re working on this.

But we also know what CG designers really need:

  • get fair payments for their talent (no commissions!)
  • transparent just in time transactions
  • easy upload and portfolio management

These three are our focus that we believe will bring benefits to the whole CG community.

If you find a bug or have suggestion please use Leave Feedback button on menu bar or post a comment in our forum.

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Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest Posting Guidelines

CGTrader, the leading 3D stock model marketplace, accepts guest posts from qualified industry professionals. Pitch us your written articles, infographics, interviews or opinion pieces and approach one of the largest digital design communities in the world.

Who can contribute to our blog?

We are waiting for interesting pitches from anyone interested in the 3D world, but we will prioritize content from industry experts, especially:

  • Designers
  • 3D asset buyers
  • Developers
  • Artists

How to get your article on CGTrader

Choose a topic and write a short pitch about it: what you plan to cover, your sources and what you want to say. Send us your pitch and we’ll review it. If it’s something we’d love to read, we’ll let you know in a week (or two!). If your pitch is accepted, our editor will contact you and work out the deadlines and work progress for the piece.


The topic and content of your article must be original and relevant to the 3D industry. Here are some suggestions for topics:

  • 3D in movies
  • Holograms
  • Scanning
  • Modeling software reviews
  • Design hardware reviews
  • Insights about game/movie/advertisement/architecture/etc. industries
  • Original VFX and CGI analyses
  • Your experience as a 3D modeler (starting, overall career, finding mentors, learning, selling, winning)
  • Your top 10 themed collections of 3D assets on CGTrader - no self-promotion, themed collections preferred
  • GameJam and game development experiences and results (promote your game)
  • 3D and CG history, milestones and significant events
  • Short biographies of CG and 3D stars: developers, artists and innovators

If you have a topic that you think is interesting, you don’t have to rush into the project – send us a pitch first (see below). We will review the pitch, and if it’s something we like, then our editor will contact you and you can start working on the article, infographic or other piece of content.

Pitch submission guidelines:

  • Pitch length must be under 250 words. You can send full articles.
  • We accept pitch submissions only in the .doc and .docx file formats or through Google Docs.
  • Great writing (we edit articles to a very limited extent)
  • Email your pitch to
  • Mandatory: only emails with the subject line “Best blog post ever” will be considered.

Pitches are reviewed in 5 working days, all responses are sent to the same email address the pitch was received from. It is possible to arrange anonymous posts, if no other solution is acceptable. Due to the potentially high volume of proposals, if you don’t hear from us in 10 days, consider your pitch refused.


When your pitch is accepted, our editor will work with you directly to set a timeline for your post, formatting, questions and clarifications, etc. We will require you to:

  • Create the post! If you are writing an article, aim for the 1,000-2,000-word range.
  • Send us original content – the article must not be published elsewhere (you can promote sections of it on your personal site)
  • Send us a representative 710x250 image for the header (no brands or logos in the header image, except for watermarks). The image must be royalty free or owned by you.
  • Send other images you’d want embedded in the article.
  • Adhere to our style: friendly, but informative
  • Not post competitor posts/links. We will not accept promotional content for products, companies or services and we will not use any promotional or affiliate links.
  • Reply to comments and discussions under your article
  • Send us a byline about yourself (up to 4 sentences) - optional

Aside from informative links that are important for the article, you get a single (do-follow) link to your personal/social site (and a link to your profile on CGTrader, if you are a member of our community) in your byline.

  • We reserve the right to make any edits to your article.
  • We don't pay for guest posts.
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