8 Mar 2013

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art

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Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.” Joseph Conrad

Firstly, I would like to point out that this blog post is balanced for women. Okay, okay. This is suitable for men also. It is impossible to forget such a nice event as International Woman's Day. This holiday announces the very beginning of spring and calls each man on Earth to remember a woman. Once in a year at least.

Yes, we know that 3D designers' society is mostly comprised of men. But let's face it - most of them have wives or girlfriends or at least female friends. I am sure most of them tried to design a model of a woman or still dream about it. There are dozens of 3D women models. Some of them are created as cartoon, game or movie characters, others remind photographs or paintings, other ones can come from the dreams or be just a visual expression of inspiration a 3D designer caught on the street in the morning. Women are the Muses inspiring 3D feminine models to appear. There is no question about this.

Dear ladies, we cannot send a pot of roses to each of you. Considering this occasion, we have prepared a list of the most fascinating 3D portraits of women. These are the ones no men on the planet could ever have. So you do not have to be jealous at all if your second-half pays more attention to an image than he should.

My Love in Bed

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 1

Woman in a bed. It would be a casual scene, but it's not. Somehow it pulses with secret. I bet no man could be as mysterious as women are. Well-known 3D artist Marek Denko once saw this kind of image on TV. But it almost blurred away. A few years ago he was sitting in a parking place and waiting for his girlfriend to come. He says it was a hot summer day and the designer could do nothing else, but to think about his new picture. Suddenly, this one appeared in his mind as clear as the skies that day. Later the owner of rye-coloured hair became his wife. Sweet.


Most of photographers are crazy about taking pictures of women. Faces, expressions, subtle lines of body. The more naked they are, the better. 3D artist Sebastien Haure was inspired by that and decided to reproduce a special mood of studio's photography in his artwork of computer graphics. A designer challenged himself to combine an emotion and realism in one piece. It seems he was successful. A woman in a picture still looks like descended from a cover of a magazine, not overstepping boundaries of her artificial detachment. She is so close, but so far at the same time. Designers who are interested in reproduction of the studio photography, can find a making-of here.

American Beauty

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 2

This work is definitely eye-catching. Everyone who has seen the movie "American Beauty" should remember a scene of a woman laying down among a billion blossoms of red roses. It is nauseous sweetness. The one when you just had too much of chocolate cake. Slovakian 3D artist Henrich Kimerling created an ironic "American Beauty" shot. This work possesses no offense against the American nation. And not against women, indeed. 3D Total website uploaded this artwork and a few days after removed it, noting that it was done "because of the American nation". The author restrains from further comments, allowing everyone to use the tool of freedom of speech. Some people treat this work just as interesting part of computer graphics art. Others believe that it carries an idea concerning people, culture, beauty, point of life or anything else you want to force yourself to think about.

Miss Vixi

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 3

Andrius Balciunas is a designer who heart-to-heart admits that he loves to create characters of women. But he does not limit his art with it. Andrius Balciunas is an extremely good in digital hair modeling and styling and clothing simulation. So it is not that hard for him to have a woman of his dreams in a screen of a computer at least. It took 3 weeks of intense modeling and here it is: a woman with deep and inscrutable eyes. I was hoping to detect the smallest hair at least, but I did not manage. Just eyes. They capture. All of his designed women are distinguished by idiosyncrasy. They are shy, tempting, compulsive, piquant, intimidating and beautiful at the same time. Andrius Balciunas says that he is creating inspired by the things he need the most in his life. Do you think, there is any need to quess about it? Here you can find a tutorial also.

Oooh La La!

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 4

What are the first associations which come to your head, when you try to imagine French woman? A beret? A glass of wine? Pieces of good cheese? Elegant scarf on the neck? An endless cigarette between fingers? Exactly. 3D artist Andrew Hickinbottom designed this render to highlight cliches which we have about France and French women. We can see a cozy corner in a cafe in Paris. A woman having her morning or afternoon wine, flavouring it with a cigarette. French idyl. Andrew Hickinbottom is mostly a character artist and women are more common among his artwork than men. Unfortunately, dudes. A designer has a particular style which reminds me of the movie "The Incredibles".


Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 5

This 3D model of Bernadette is extremely well-known. Almost indistinguishable from a photograph. 3D designer Stephen Molyneaux who was working with such movies as "Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows", "The Prometheus" and "Prince of Persia" had to roll up his shirt-sleeves in order to model such a photorealistic image. He was working on and off to get this image finished and published as soon as possible. Surprisingly, a woman in a picture is real. She was 23 years old when the artist was inspired to create this render. Bernadette Vong is working on 3D animation in Great Britain. I bet she has no better picture of her than this one.

Hold Hakka Woman

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 6

This a 3D portrait of a woman who belongs to the special group of Hakka people. They have had a significant influence on the course of Chinese and world history. The traditional Hakka woman is taught from the childhood to be a superwomen: a good housewife, a diligent farm worker, a superb cook and a talented seamstress. This 3D model is created by Salvatore Ferrancane. He managed to compose amazingly realistic portrait revealing a story of a woman in the wrinkles of her face and in the depth of her eyes. It is definitely touching. Hakka Woman in a picture looks almost like that super one. But I doubt if smoking is a feature of a superwoman. I smoke too.

Girl on a Chair

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 7

Alexander Tomchuk is a 3D artist who loves old, but good black&white photography. A designer decided to knit his skills together and to create an image which would have a feeling of b&w photography. He was not original selecting a naked woman for a model. But he managed to expose the perfect forms of women's body. It so beautiful to see such a natural 3D model of a woman where she appears in a way she is. Moreover, a composition of a picture leaves you speechless and leaves a huge space for an imagination. Despite an amazing mole on woman's back, Alexander Tomchuk made her hair look extremely realistic. I even can smell them. Can you?

Just Friends

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 8

This 3D image definitely makes smile. No matter whether you are a woman or a man. I am sure it reminds of some awkward moments in life. When you have zillions of thoughts running through your head but are doing nothing. Strangely enough, that 3D artist Marcos de Moraes Sampaio designed this model because he was inspired by another artist. Not because he is quite curious about women's love. After publishing his artwork, he noticed that an original name of it was "Dare to be lesbian". Then he got confused.

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 9

Kris Kelly is a 3D designer who represents a different understanding of beauty. Tattoos and piercings usually contravene a concept of what is truly beautiful. The author had an attempt to demonstrate his grasp understanding of human form. As he had not planned before, in the end it was a real character of a female. She took a pin-up pose, has her body decorated with various tattoos and piercings, looks dangerously beautiful, but attracts at the same time. A designer wanted everything to feel as natural and as believable as it is possible. If you have such a wish, the author shares a making of here.

Fat Summer

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 10

If you are a man, there is no point lying that you are going to catch some sun or to meditate at the seaside. Most of the times it is only about women - suntanned, strong and sexy bodies in bikini. That day 3D artist Igor Catto was on a beach as always, minding his own business and each three minutes having a look around. Out of a sudden he saw an overweight lady in a funny swimming suit, packing her beach stuff. The whole situation and her pleasant smile got stuck in his head, until he created this 3D model. The author says that his idea was to prove once again that physical beauty and perfect body is nothing, comparing with inside world of a human. This may be a real reason for you to be happy. Igor Catto published a making of, warning that it contains nudity. So be aware.


Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 11

Women are available in sci-fi also. If they are not, imagine what would poor sci-fi fanatics do? I doubt if they can live between robots and unreal creatures only. Ethroa is a 3D model by Daniele Scerra. It is finally born. Ethroa embodies an evil part of Nimhoa, which is the favourite character of the author in the world of humans and robots. Etroa has an extremely sweet face, but devil's heart. This image is a reflection of a little schizophrenia. As well as the duality of an each woman. Doesn't it seem so?

Close-up Portrait

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 12

I had to check it several time to ensure myself that it is not a photograph. Special congrats to David Moratilla, who claims that he had just been trying to create a realistic portrait of a woman. Firstly, instead of one portrait he designed the whole set of them. Secondly, all of them are breathtakingly photorealistic. The artist was so careful and thorough to the tiniest details of a human face. Some of them would pass unnoticed through other artists' eyes. But he caught it. He caught an astonishing reflection in woman's eyes. She seems to be interested. And it is not such an easy deal, isn't it? Moreover, the artist left some undesirable hair on her face. That strenghtens a level of realism in this picture, indeed.


Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 13

Hey, gradma, relax. I will finish the food you have cooked for me. Hey, do not look at me like that, okay? If you are lucky enough, you definitely experienced what does it mean to spend your summer at grandma's. Sunday. She bakes your favourite pancakes. But the fact is that she cannot stop doing that for a half of a day. You believe, you can just die, because you have already had 8 small and 5 big pancakes. But the 3D artist Arda Koyuncu had a bit different idea, while creating this image. He was always pretty sure that all the fairy tales have a dark side. So he decided to create all the characters from a story "Little Red Riding Hood". Here gradma becomes the evil mastermind of the fairytale. Arda Koyuncu had to use steampunk elements while creating a character in order to enhance the creepy look with the steam powered machines, and dark, and dull colours. Yes, she does look creepy. I am just wondering, how many years has she been smoking already? If you are crazy about having an evil chracter of your fairy tale, check a tutorial shared by the author out.

The Blue Project

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 14

The author of this 3D design Dan Roarty. This artist is a perfectionist who designed a 3D portrait of his wife when he wanted to try his skills in a field of photorealism. He called it „The Blue Project“ because „Blue“ is a nickname for his wife. You want it or not, it is lovely. Before starting this project he was told that making a 3D model of your second-half is a bold move. While doing it, he realised that this is exactly like that. But both him and his wife were happy with the final model. Moreover, the whole society of computer graphics was astonished. It is proven with all the awards this 3D model has received. Ha, this is why I keep telling that love enhances you to create miracles. Those, who want to learn modeling such a realistic portraits, can analyze a making-of.

Fight In The Dark

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 15

Obviously, it is not a sport and a situation for a woman. But I see this 3D design as a proof that in their lifetimes women most of the time appear in the situations which can seem to difficult to handle for such fragile creatures. 3D artist Guang Yang did not treat this scene to be unappropriate for a woman. He wanted to create an artwork which could express a wide scale of feelings such as pressure, tenacity, a nature of unyielding human. He wanted to design a feminine character which impersonates a decision to never give up. All of us know that that short break between the round means that a fighter should soon stand up and fight again. It reminds me a life a bit.The author has provided a full making of here.

Portrait of A Girl

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 16

This artwork is the most intimate from the whole collection for me. It is not because I get ashamed every time I see a naked body. I guess it is more about the age of the girl. But it is necessary to admit that this portrait is highly photorealistic and keeps a feeling of something so pure inside. Nevertheless a girl looks so young and so innocent that even not that bright thoughts come to my head. There are some rumors in the virtual world that I was not the only one to feel like that. They say that Rod Seffen the author of this touching model was accused of spying on teen for up to five years. Oops. We all should be more careful with our searches for inspiration.


Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 17

Nyra is the newest 3D model in this collection. It's author Paul Tosca probably sees a woman more like a character from a computer game than a housewife or the mother of his children. I am kidding. Nyra is a warrior. She looks like Jeanne D'arc in digital reality being real and surreal at the same time. Anyways the artist must be extremely creative and possess enormous resources of fantasy to design something like this. He calls this character a test, so I almost cannot imagine how the final result should look like.

Pink Amazon

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 18

There are some artists who are very skilful in experimenting. This 3D model is done by a designer Rebeca Puebla. She is the only one female artist on this list. Moreover, her 3D model is of the most controversial ones on a list, I guess. It combines two sides of a character. First one is with a mask and everything left underneath. And second one - without it. It also gives some references to Japanese culture which starting with anime and finishing with music is barely understanble for us. Despite the fact that a mask of a pony seems a bit drastic, almost everyone among 3D designers decided that a woman in such extraordinary clothes looks incredibly sexy. "Ballistic Publishing" house had the same opinion and included it to the famous book "Expose 9".


Women As Inspiration for 3D Art 19

This is exclusively surreal and artistic cover of "Ayco" album. Moreover, it is quite difficult even to decribe it. All I see is a vanishing portrait of a woman. Everything what is left somehow becomes a sound of music. The wife of 3D designer Chris Nicholls is a musician. So a man was inspired to challenge himself by designing a cover for het newest album "Chrysalis" just because of that music. According to him, that music is so visual that he barely could resist images flowing to his mind. I would call it some kind of synaesthesis, when an artist hears colours and paints voices. Sounds like magic. And it is, indeed. Here is an interview with this designer on CGTrader blog.