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Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10

July 27th, 2016

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10

Hey there, venerated game developers and indie devs. Is your project in dire need of both quality assets and great savings? You're in luck, because the CGTrader crew has sifted through our sizeable database of low-polygon models and selected the best of those that are priced $10 or under.

Trees and Bushes Pack - 02 by Specnaz

Price: $10

If your game takes place inside a building, you need boxes. If your game takes place outside, you needs boxes and trees. This set of trees and bushes will let you construct everything from wild forests to immaculately gardened parks.

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 1

Cargo Asset Set by Cpalmroos

Price: $2.10

Whether your enemies hide behind metal boxes or inside them (if they're of the 'cowards and fewls' type), you need boxes, containers and barrels in your game. Well, look no further than this finely textured pack of stuff meant to make you levels harder to navigate and cover to be plentiful!

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 2

Low Poly Tropical Shrub by lukass12

Price: $2.00

These shrubs might be low poly, but they're definitely high quality! If you need a place for your protagonists to hide, or to obscure enemy spawn points, there are few better options than these shrubs. They almost look real in the pictures!

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 3

Highly Detailed Planet Or Moon With Big Craters by Kajuzas

Price: $10

Space games most often need planets and moons, and this is one of them. Extremely low poly, too, and it looks beautiful to boot. What you could do with it is entirely up to you.

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 4

Wood Pallet EU PAL by KangaroOz_3D

Price: $9.00

Hey, do you need pallets? Well, now you have them! Your warehouse level will never be the same, especially if it's a pallet warehouse.

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 5

Modular Stone Walls by jronn

Price: $8.00

If you're building a fantasy world (and trying to muscle into the Fable-like category), you need stone walls to give your fantasy villages a great rural look.

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 6

Human Skull by cmc444

Price: $7.00

Spooky scary skeletons have to appear in every fantasy game by law, and wizards of all types have to have skull adorning their desk. Plus, skulls really tie any dungeon and cave together.

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 7

Cartoon tree by kowalevskiy

Price: $7.99

Trees are necessary for cats to climb into and get stuck. However, low polygon trees are better for providing ambiance than climbing. Not enough polygons to hang on to!

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 8

Crow Rigged And Animated by olta

Price: $10.00

If you're some sort of a wizard that may or may not have caused a legion of some level of burning enter your world, you may need a crow companion or a crow transformation form. Either way works!

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 9

Sword 12 by sickleadz

Price: $7.00

So you want to have a katana, but you're also worried about battlefield engineering tasks like sawing wood and cutting barbed wire. Well, do I have a suggestion for you!

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 10

Forest rock by game-ready

Price: $7.20

Does your game feature a forest or forests? Then they need rocks, and not just any rocks, but big, moss-covered boulders. And this low-poly model offers just that!

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 11

Banded Wooden Barrels by Arkham

Price: $5.00

Barrels are a barrel of fun, especially if you're riding them down a waterfall or escaping pursuit of both elves and orcs!

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 12

Water Well Low Poly by sickleadz

Price: $5.60

A good fantasy village will have a well for the player character to talk to or fall into. Either way works.

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 13

Jeans Hotpants by mark_florquin

Price: Free

What would one do with a low polygon model of jeans? You tell me, you're the game developer!

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 14

The Moon by KangaroOz_3D

Price: $9.99

Moon just lounges up in there in sky all night, and probably doesn't do much more during the day. Well, video games can make him pay by making this satellite into a target for steampunk space rockets and such.

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 15

Mountain 4 1 by icekazim

Price: $7.00

Rocky mountains like this are perfect places for the champion to stand while raising his weapon in glory. Don't make your champion do it atop a turnip cart!

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 16

Low Poly Palms Pack by lukass12

Price: $8.00

And now you can make first person shooters set in tropical islands! Are you recreating the Pacific theater of WWII or going for the Far Cry vibe?

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 17

Dense Grass Texture by turcpaul

Price: $10.00

If you want you game to be taken seriously, you have to have grass on the ground. Plain old texture that players with older computers can't switch off to conserve computer resources just won't do.

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 18

Rock Set 20 by icekazim

Price: $8.00

Rocks are the hard places that usually hide invisible walls. Because few things are worse than an invisible wall that players can detect.

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 19

Low Poly Mushrooms by 3DPMedia

Price: $10.00

Low poly mushrooms are perfect for low poly gnome adventures.

Top 20 Low Polygon Models Under $10 20


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