Making of «Another Sky»

Making of «Another Sky»

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Hello to everybody! My name is Alexandr Novitskiy and I do modeling and visualization. I’m also an instructor at the CGTarian Online School. Today we will talk about airplanes. I am a lover of aviation theme of the First Great Air War, so the choice fell on the plane Pfalz DIII (DIII because of Mercedes DIII engine on board). To create the work I used the following software: Maya, 3D's Max, Unfold 3D, Mari, Vray 3.0 (with 3D’s Max), Photoshop. In fact, this list can change, most importantly in this matter - understanding of the key moments, and with which soft you will path through them - not so important.


I think this is the most important step. Originally I wanted to show the airplane in conditions of war, show dirt and gloom on the ground in contrast to the vast of light and hope in the sky. In the home setting plane will be perceived correctly. It may reveal itself as the aircraft at the sky. Paint scheme belongs to a real Ace. Also I decided not to use the standard paint scheme so is not to depersonalize plane and give it a character.

Initially, by the way, I was not planning to model it completely, but in the end, got carried away. Idea of knights of the sky is very inspiring. It was a time of honor and dignity. No parachutes, no exceptions. Only keying machine guns and trusty steed. Only pilot and steel the bird with its own spirit.

That's it. Actually, as I said in the beginning: what software you will use - essentially no difference. You can make a model anywhere, as unwrapping can be made though Unfold-3D or UV-Layout, etc. the same story with textures - you can do it with 3DCoat, and Mudbox, and using DDO or with only Photoshop at all. The main thing is understanding the essence. Important not to forget that the software - just a tool.

If you want to learn 3D modeling as I do it, come to my online course. At CGTarian we have a lot of interesting courses: modeling, vfx, and animation with instructors from Disney and DreamWorks.


hknoblauch wrote
incredible tut!!! incredible model!!!
Uberkraft wrote
Beautyful work! It`s looks as good as the best aircraft model kit boxes! As the best paintings for them.
constantin958 wrote
I am also an admirer of aviation theme of the First Great Air War. You have a fine tutorial on this subject.
stilson wrote
Nice job! TYVM!
Avilgend wrote
Thanks, guys)
lml46 wrote
Thanks. Amazing tutorial
wafelek wrote
Great tutorial. Thanks
Sulskis wrote
Thank You Alexandr for sharing!
wafelek wrote
Helped me once again. THanks.
kuddus wrote
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