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New Features on Share Like You Don't Care!

October 7th, 2013

New Features on Share Like You Don't Care!

How are you, dear visitors of and members of our lovely community?! What's new in your lives? We hope that everything is alright.

What? What's new in our marketplace, you ask? Oh, nothing much, nothing much... Just few changes and amazing features, which you would really like to use and enjoy!

But, before we introduce you to the new gadgets and spaces of our platform, let us congratulate you all with the significant growth of our community. There are more than 17,000 CGTraderers right now. And they prove day-by-day that they are ready for some action. We are proud of you, residents of!

Behold! The Louvre is here!

New Features on Share Like You Don't Care! 1

Well, well, well... we are so excited to announce that we have a gallery! We are certain that it is a place which gives you many opportunities and which will become a very useful tool for the professional designers who need to show their skills and work without putting their models on sale. You can reach the gallery through the main site navigation.

3D designers sometimes face a dilemma - they do some really great high-quality custom designs on order, but they cannot show them by adding those models to the marketplace. It will not be a problem anymore! However, visitors of the gallery could give author a request to buy a desired artwork as a 3D model.

New Features on Share Like You Don't Care! 2

Since there is a gallery, you can now upload the models created for a showcase. Now, pay attention - only the works of the highest quality will be approved to be published in this gallery. First of all, visuals will appear on the profile of artists, who uploaded them. Then - the best of them will be published in our gallery. There is a gallery moderator, who will check every model which is being desired to get the spotlight.

New Features on Share Like You Don't Care! 3

It's a great way for a designer to present himself to potential customers or buyers. Also, we see this gallery as a place for professional designers to meet up and to give the deserved respect and recognition to each other. So take it, just don't break it! It's crystal clear and very beautiful. Well, that's the way we see it anyway.

Show yourself in 360 degrees

You have a new cloth. Great! Put it on. Show it from the front... Good. Now, turn around. Show it from the back! Yes, very good! Spin around 360 degrees. That's exactly what you can do from now on on - show your model in 360 degrees so the others could check it in realtime. How to do that? Upload your model to Verold or Sketchfab and then put an embedded link to your item page. Voila!

New Features on Share Like You Don't Care! 4

Another great feature in the item page is a possibility to publish embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos. Now designers can put one instead of preview image. Therefore, an author can show the making-of WIP material.

Saving your time: accelerated discussions

We are very glad that you are active on our discussion board. However, it was a messy place till October. Now there is a well organized board for discussions. We divided all discussions by few main subjects. So, now you could find a right place to get an advice or make an effective discussions way faster!

New Features on Share Like You Don't Care! 5

There's a new sheriff in town! is a community-based 3D model marketplace. It always was and always will be. We get a lot of supporting and grateful feedback for that. Thanks, guys, it is very important for us to know, that you appreciate what we do, because we are doing all that for you!

Of course, we get some negative responses as well. However, most of them are reasonable criticism. We appreciate that feedback as well! It's good to have advice and hear your requests. As we said earlier - our mission is to create the most comfortable and most sincere way for you, folks, to sell your works online.

New Features on Share Like You Don't Care! 6

As we talk about community, it is a true pleasure to have members of it, who already consider CGTrader as something of their own. For example, gekko3D. He helped us to find out about two unfair 3D designers.

One of them had 4 accounts by different names on and had been publishing stolen models in them. The other one was also publishing stolen models in his account. We deleted 330 stolen models in total. Thanks, gekko3D, you are our new sheriff!

So, take advantage of the features, which we created for you. And please, write us if you have any ideas of what you would like to see on We are open to your suggestions. Let's communicate, community!


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