21 Feb 2023

CGTrader Designer Spotlight: Enterables

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What is Enterables?

My name is Gregory. Here is a short story about the founding of our Enterables company and the origins of its name. More than 10 years ago, my brother and I, as teenagers, tried to create our own open-world RPG, inspired by the games of big companies with big budgets. (Yes, I know we didn't stand a chance then.) Of course, the game started in a small medieval village, and this is where the biggest problem arose. We searched markets with thousands of 3D models in search of the perfect medieval huts, but unfortunately all models were made in a way that made it impossible to go inside and explore. I assume that it was just faster to make the model, so no one wanted to do the interior. Therefore, as a junior 3D designer, I had to learn how to create huts with interiors myself. Over time, it became my passion, and I opened a shelf in a store called "Enterables," which means "with the possibility to explore inside." It turned out that game developers really appreciated my models and asked about other genres (not only medieval). This is how my store grew, and at the moment, "Enterables" is a recognizable and liked brand among game developers. At the moment, 13 people work at Enterables, and soon you will see more effects of our work. Stay tuned!

Can you describe a particularly challenging project you've worked on and how you overcame it?

The most difficult project so far was making four medieval mechs. They were built from elements of medieval siege machines and required a huge amount of detail, it can be seen here:

CGTrader Designer Spotlight: Enterables 1

How do you keep up with industry trends and advancements in technology?

We try to participate in the video game market all the time. My brother (as a programmer) is currently working for an indie games development company, so I am in constant contact with the industry and its needs. In addition, of course, we are constantly helping with emerging projects of larger companies, and the recently released trailer of the AAA game set in the Middle Ages contains quite a lot of our assets (we cannot reveal the title).

What role do you think 3D design will play in the future of various industries?

I think that designers will be forced to gradually move towards photogrammetry processing and cooperation with AI generators. It will only be a matter of time before the game developer has a tool that allows him to describe in words what model he wants, and the artificial intelligence will generate several variants and assist him in adjusting them accordingly. Artists should adapt instead of boycotting changes.

Can you walk us through your favorite project you've worked on and what made it special to you?

My favorite project I've had the opportunity to work on is the MMORPG Gloria Victis. I have very nice memories of working with the guys, and I recommend everyone check out this game to feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

How do you handle feedback and criticism from clients?

We receive virtually no negative feedback or criticism, and when it does appear, we try to solve the problem or offer redress. We have nearly 400 positive ratings and only three negative ones.

Can you share any success stories or testimonials from satisfied customers who have purchased your models?

Just visit our profile on CGTrader and take a look at the reviews. It speaks for itself.

"After testing it for a week, i decided to use lod3 for my first indy game... i hope that tells you everything about the quality, 5 stars, increadible work , well done, i will rate all products" - jernej-pirs

"Amazing quality, all files are named in a clear way, works in UE5 and the seller is helpful." - nikola-szendzielorz

"1st class product as always. Thank you very much." - photosbykev

Can you discuss your pricing strategy for your 3D models?

We try to make the price adequate for the added value. Our assets are not the cheapest, but we create them so as to save the game developer as much time as possible and to ensure easy and pleasant customization, which makes customers keep coming back and being satisfied. That has always been the goal and always will be.

Can you share any notable partnerships or collaborations you've had in the 3D design industry?

One of the prettiest new games that we highly recommend checking out is the upcoming "BLIGHT: SURVIVAL," and we can boast that some of our assets are in its gameplay trailer. Such an honor!

Do you have any messages for the CGTrader community?

Let's remember that when creating models or later adding them to the game or cartoon video, somewhere on the other side of the planet there is a child who will not forget the beauty of what you have created, and it will provide him with wonderful childhood memories, just like it once provided you and me. So you better do your best!

What are the tendencies of 3D market in your country - Poland? Is it popular?

I am lucky that my country (Poland) has a well-developed game market, and thanks to titles such as The Witcher, many young people have become interested in game development and 3D graphics, which allows us to meet many talented designers.

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