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How To Properly Price Your 3D Models?

July 1st, 2013

How To Properly Price Your 3D Models?

We love buying. We are crazy about it. Shopping is the religion of nowadays, especially when buying items with discounts, which leads us to get more than we need. In any case, price always matters. is an online marketplace where each seller dictates their own prices without restrictions. Sell it as a thousand dollar masterpiece, give 99% discount or even let download your 3D models for free. It is up to you.

However, rule number one says that the buyer is always ought to get what he pays for.

So, before pricing your 3D model, we do suggest to take into account the effort and the time that you've put in. In order to not become too self-confident and subjective, follow these pricing guidelines, attract more sellers and at the same time increase your sales.

First of all, advises you to compare your model with similar 3D models at the marketplace. Then, take into consideration these common features of 3D designs:

  • Complexity of a 3D model. There are a few different types of CG artists: while some of them prefer simplicity, others polish a model to perfection. Obviously, the more complex a model is, the more it costs, thus indicating the effort put in. Every little details counts.
  • Number of polygons. A particular number of polygons in the rendering influences the complexity and overall quality of a product. Moreover, hi-poly model requires more time to accomplish and present it properly.
  • Time. Keep in mind timing. a) How long did you spend working on it? Find some logics in idiom 'Time is money'.; b) How old the model is? It does not mean that the older it is, the less it must cost. But some of them really do get out of date, when it comes to the used software and the issues of formats. Do not forget, you can always update them!
  • Level of Realism The purpose of buying 3D models is to use them in the visual industry. Accuracy and precision are mostly required in the field. Realism does provide both of them. It is an extremely important factor for the very final decision of the buyer whether to buy a particular 3D model or not.
  • Material/Texture/Rigging Settings. Be aware of material, texture and rigging settings while evaluating any model. The final result depends on them a lot. High quality and professional models reveal how long the artist spent working on textures. If a view is sharp and crisp - you can be sure that it really took a long time to achieve it.
  • Variety of File Formats. You may bet, how important it is. Different designers use different software and there are no rules indicating which software guarantees the best quality. But the fact is, the more distinct formats you do provide, the easier it is for a customer to get what does he or she wants. So both sides are happy.
  • Representation. Overall representation of a 3D model on sale, including appropriate and accurate title, quality and clear preview images, informative description in an instant must justify the price to the buyer.

How To Properly Price Your 3D Models?  1

These guidelines may be extremely helpful when pricing your product. But do not try to deceive yourself thinking that setting China-type prices for your models must significantly increase your sales. Not really. The customer may become interested, but a high-poly extremely realistic model for $15 would not serve neither as a proof of good marketing strategy, nor as the expression of a good will. It would just confuse the buyer and question the quality of the model.

Ironically, perhaps he would choose a more expensive model, being absolutely sure what he gets. Stay reasonable. Moreover, does provide the unique e-Bay like feature for each of you - to play running distinct discount companies and changing prices by default. Negotiate. It is the best way to reach for compromise.


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prsmodeling wrote
If I used preexisting texture maps I didn't make & have no idea who did is the model still considered my work to display & sell?