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Using Words To Sell 3D Models

May 9th, 2013

Using Words To Sell 3D Models

Imagine that 3D model marketplace is like a huge supermarket with hundreds of showcases...

I doubt if you would be attracted to buy any goods that are scattered all around. Let's say you have walked around the marketplace three times already and you are not able to find, where the milk is. The fact that there is no indicated price in the same shelf, would definitely confuse a you. The same is at the online marketplaces. All you have to do is to make the trading pleasant by providing attractive and buyable products. Simple logic.

There is no golden formula on how to attract the buyers and trade your 3D models online sucessfully. So, it turns out that each seller trusts their inner voice. Let's admit that it lies sometimes. Unfortunately. This blogpost will not reveal any secret to you, but we will try to provide some tips how to catch the eye and recruit the heart of the particular buyer.

It may go without saying, but it is extremely important to name your products properly. It at once must tell a customer what kind of 3D model is it. Moreover, a suitable naming provides a relevant flow of customers referred by the main search engines. If it is a 3D model of a table, say it. Google does recognize that this is a table. But it has no clue in such meanings as "vittoria2xsofa" or "amazingcarblue223".

So... Write in English. Capitalize each word. Do not include file extentions. Really, there is no need for poetry, be straight.

In general, your public profile and product descriptions serve as your business card for the digital community. If you possess a rich gallery of 3D models and provide comprehensive descriptions both visual and written, you can make the buyer stay. By saying detailed descriptions, I do not mean telling your life-time or professional story. Or how hard it was to model that 3D object and indicate for how long you have not had any sleep. There is no point trying to convince interested ones with your first words of description shouting "THE BEST 3D CAR MODEL EVER". If your inner voice says it may work, it does not.

Just update your product descriptions, following these tips and attract more buyers right now.

Using Words To Sell 3D Models  1

Provide technical information about the 3D model

  • Name the rendering engine.
  • Point out the lighting and shading specifics.
  • Indicate the period of time spent to render a scene at HD.
  • Refer to any post-production changes that are used only for the preview images.
  • State it if your model meets the real-world scale and specify the units that are used (feet, inches, centimeters and etc.).
  • Assume all of third-party plug-ins used and indicate their versions.
  • Describe methods used in the modeling process.
  • Specify the amount of polygons.
  • Characterize textures.

Always mention extra information

  • If you used any lights, cameras or anything else: tell it to the buyer.
  • Preview images may contain various contextual objects such as rocks, so you must state it clearly.
  • Mark your product as print-ready, game-ready or as a piece of a collection.
  • Point out if your model is animated or rigged.
  • Choose appropriate categories and sub-categories.
  • Use tags. Be creative. Or choose among the recommended ones.

Keep in mind that the more detailed description you provide, the easier it becomes to convince a buyer that your 3D model is exactly what he is searching for. Moreover, it enables search engines to find your product faster as it would be placed in the most convenient place to take it. Become findable.

There are hundreds of trading strategies, definitely. Everyone chooses the most suitable one for their businesses. But maybe anyone of you knows other key factors helping to increase your sales and could share it with the community?

And if you are crazy about 3D modeling, add a little extra effort and make a great living out of this!


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