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History Through 3D Printing Winners Revealed!

November 25th, 2015

History Through 3D Printing Winners Revealed!

Sometimes history intends to repeat itself. By that, we can say that yet another challenge has past. And what a challenge it was! Recreating the rulers of a nation and adding the greatest pieces of art, we've received some amazing works and it wasn't that easy to pick out the winners.

A big Thank You goes to all the participants and our sponsors and finally, let's give a huge round of applause to the winners of History Through 3D Printing Challenge!

History Through 3D Printing Winners Revealed! 1

1st Place - Theodore Roosevelt Bust by pirahna

History Through 3D Printing Winners Revealed! 2History Through 3D Printing Winners Revealed! 3

2nd Place - Dwight D Eisenhower by Artejaol

History Through 3D Printing Winners Revealed! 4

Honorable mention goes to Artificial 1980 and kilowhat for their great works of Lyndon B. Johnson and William Howard Taft respectively! There were more great participants - you can see all the entries to this challenge here

History Through 3D Printing Winners Revealed! 5

History Through 3D Printing Winners Revealed! 6


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casperhofstede wrote
So uhm, where are the example 3D prints of these winners? All they show is 3D models. Most of them are not even properly 3D printable, requiring lots of support material and having super fine detail. Only two entries had actual 3D prints, the Obama bust, printed in full color and the three president busts with yellow 3D prints. Disappointing competition. :-(
Pure3D wrote
Indeed. I watched the challenge and thought about participating too. Good that I didn't. Notre Dame is not printable or prepared in any way. It should be a historical bust modeling challenge or so. All models are really well done and look nice. But the contest totally missed the point.
luis-daniel-ibarra wrote
Full disappointment from CGTrader for not judging or setting up the expectations correctly. Congratulations to the winners because your models are amazingly detailed, but won't work very well when schools print them in their classrooms, which I understand was the purpose. Print one of those in a single extruder Makerbot and see if it comes out as amazing as the rendering. I also think both categories, busts and architecture, should have been separated as they really can't compete with each other.
luis-daniel-ibarra wrote
CGTrader judges, be in the shoes of your end user: an elementary or middle schooler. Your classroom has to pay $40 or even $150 for one of these models. Your slicing software is going to have trouble handling them. If you print successfully, you still have to take lots of support material off without destroying the print. Some models don't even fit print beds, scaling down will destroy all details. You are 11 years old. How do these models help education? Some of these models are the only model the user has uploaded to CGTrader. Where is the contribution to the 3Dprinting community? As @Pure3D says, this models are winners but not for this contest.
joey-blendernut wrote
Totally bummed I didn't place... After two months of hard work and spent cash, however a I learned a great deal throughout this course, and must admit, the winners definitely deserved their places... Surprised Luis didn't place, but glad pirahna did... Anyhow, congratz to everyone, and well done! :D
joey-blendernut wrote
BTW, to clear my entry of the critics above, I did not provide printed images of my model, as my printer software is very buggy, and my printer won't work atm. And I tried with 3d printable models I've printed before, and ones supplied with the printer... It just don't work.