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Efficient online rendering solutions from RebusFarm

November 6th, 2017

Efficient online rendering solutions from RebusFarm

In times of hectic schedules and tight deadlines, render farms offer quick and efficient solutions both for freelancers and studios hard pressed for time and computing power. While as of today there are a multitude of providers of online rendering services for clients to choose from, RebusFarm managed to stand its grounds. Their innovative software solutions of online rendering have integrated seamlessly into the workflow of digital artists worldwide, streamlining a once cumbersome process into a matter of a few clicks. Today, we are taking a closer look at RebusFarm to give you some insights about the processes and features of the render world as well as of rendering with RebusFarm.

Feel the power

Today, RebusFarm operates with the dedicated server capacity of 5000 CPUs with 40600 cores, equaling the combined processing power of staggering 93,440.00 GHz total. In less abstract terms, this means that the render time for even the most demanding jobs is cut short radically – saving valuable time to focus on the actual, more interesting, and value-adding work.

Earlier this year, RebusFarm introduced GPU rendering to their range of services, collaborating with market leaders such as Redshift, Cycle, V-Ray, Iray and Maxwell Render to guarantee the same smooth integration into common rendering software as in the CPU segment, with additional software support being added in the near future. As a little incentive to try out the farm’s 128 brand new 1.080 Ti GPUs, RebusFarm is currently offering discounts up to 50% on all GPU renderings!

Stay in control

One of RebusFarm’s biggest selling points is the smooth and all-encompassing integration into 3D applications. From the most common standalone software to specialized plugins, thanks to the company’s in-house software, the farm’s vast processing power is always at your fingertips, allowing you to export your render job directly from your 3D work tool of choice. A complete list of all supported software is available here.

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Functionality itself is equally intuitive: Managing and monitoring ongoing render jobs through the ControlCenter is clear and easy, while the cost calculator and a fully customizable render process offer additional control. Even when you’re out and about, you can maintain complete control over your render at all times via the free RebusFarm app for Android and IOS.

RebusFarm has recently enriched their functionality with TeamManager, a feature designed for group efforts and collaborations, which simplifies coordination of larger projects by allowing users to split their existing accounts into master- and sub-users.

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Want to get extra promotion? Submit your work for RebusFarm's competitions

Driven by their passion for digital art, in addition to their main services, the team at RebusFarm has been steadily expanding its support for the CG community. The blog section of the website features a wide variety of content, ranging from portraits of talented artists, interviews with industry insiders to making-ofs and exhibition reports. More than a mere marketing ploy, the periodic blog posts offer an authentic and insightful look beyond the image, eagerly promoting 3D artists and their work from all over the world.

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Every month, the staff selects a “3D Artist of the Month” to be prominently featured on their community page and social media. It is a good chance to be noticed - you just have to submit your self-made 3D images/videos. There’s more to it as you are also competing for 250 RenderPoints that are worth 250€ as well as promotion for the whole month! By doing just that you also automatically enter into the “3D Artist of the Year” competition.

The second on-going campaign called “ArtWanted!” highlights user-submitted artwork rendered at RebusFarm on a regular basis. Submissions are always open!

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Getting Started

To ease new users into the world of online rendering, RebusFarm has compiled a wide array of resources, ranging from a handy quickstart guide to in-depth video tutorials.

If you are new to the online render service use coupon code "CGTraderBonus" to receive 35 RenderPoints worth 35€ free of charge. Just visit, register an account and redeem your code when prompted. Not sure where to start? Check their Quickstart Guide and use your 35€ gift!


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