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May 11th, 2011

CGTrader Launch Sets New Rules of The Game

We a’re excited to launch a platform for CG community that will change the rules of the game within CG community.

This is very ambitious target, we know, and the only way to achieve it is keep ourselves focused on developing both the platform and new understanding of what fair partnership in CG industry really means.

The platform is in open-beta yet, developers team is focused on fixing the known issues. We’re looking forward to your feedback and will update about new features shortly.

Why are we developing Being 3D designers ourselves we faced the unfairness of current CG stock sites when sharing the income with the authors. We felt the speculators profited form our talent and the we calculated how much they did! Then we asked ourselves: who created more value: author or speculator?

Then we were looking for more fair 3D models stock, discussed with the speculators requesting to lower the commission - and failed. No one agreed to listen what are the real needs of CG designers and so we had no choice but to build a fair platform ourselves.

We know yet lacks of some functionality, 3D models and awareness world wide. We’re working on this.

But we also know what CG designers really need:

  • get fair payments for their talent (no commissions!)
  • transparent just in time transactions
  • easy upload and portfolio management

These three are our focus that we believe will bring benefits to the whole CG community.

If you find a bug or have suggestion please use Leave Feedback button on menu bar or post a comment in our forum.


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