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CGTrader Analytics Tier System – Get to the top with help at every step of the way

March 13th, 2018

CGTrader Analytics Tier System – Get to the top with help at every step of the way

Designers on CGTrader can access our market Analytics and improve their sales, get ideas on what the market needs. There is a Tier system to help designers improve by providing relevant information for their experience level.

A simple Tier system unlocks the information accordingly to the needs and experience of the designer. It is very easy to start using Analytics – a designer who has 5 models of passable quality uploaded is at Tier 1 and can get the basic insights, review the top 10 keywords on the marketplace.

At Tier 1, you will have access to every data point about keywords, including search, sales, liquidity, model quality and other data for the Top 10 keywords on CGTrader. Remember, our Analytics tool works in real-time, therefore check back often to see whether there are any new keywords at the top and follow the general trends in the marketplace.

As your portfolio expands, you unlock new Tier levels: when you have 10 models uploaded, you can see stats for Top 100 keywords on CGTrader and get an event better idea of what to create. As you progress and gain more experience, you will also get more insights to help you on your journey to becoming a pro designer. You can see requirements for the next Tier at the bottom of the Analytics page. These requirements are related to your model presentation, and therefore can be quickly and easily fulfilled to reveal more Analytics functionalities. As you improve your model presentation, you will get better search rankings on both CGTrader and other search engines, such as Google.

At Tier 5, designers with 40 or more models can access a total of Top 300 keywords, a separate Top 100 keywords through the Deficit Keywords filter and our Keyword Search function, where they can search for almost any keyword within the system and review popular two or three word phrases.

With CGTrader Analytics you can take matters in your own hands and research various keywords or review deficit keywords – the cream of our Analytics – which show you vacant niches just waiting to get filled with fresh models!

Find out everything you need to know to get started by watching out Analytics Intro video below:


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webcraft3d wrote
Superb. Very useful and very detailed analytics information for artists. This will help us to improve like a rocket. Thank you CGTrader for this very useful and professional tool.
alexbes wrote
Very useful indeed! Thanks!
charly-1 wrote
Very useful! Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!!!
ElVisuelo wrote
Sooo useful even if from now I didnt see any difference xD
nawas wrote
Thank you!
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Thank you very much!