1 Feb 2023

CGTrader Designer Spotlight: Paulo Ranieri

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Who is Paulo Ranieri?

I am from Brazil and graduated from the School of Industrial Design. My career began in 2005, when I was creating and developing various products during different internships. In 2008, I was given the chance to work with jewelry design, and I have not stopped ever since. Working for big companies in the retail market and factories helped me increase my abilities, and after 11 years working inside companies, I started to work by myself, providing different services to jewelry companies.

What inspired you to start creating 3D models?

Since beginning my graduate studies in 2004, I have recognized the significance of 3D modeling. It was a very important tool for developing and presenting my projects. My main inspirations are art, nature, fashion, and history.

Can you share any tips or advices for aspiring 3D designers?

Be creative, but keep an eye on important market brands and their launch events. It is critical to stay current and to never forget to try to understand your consumer and his needs; this is the true secret to increasing your success.

What challenges do you face when creating 3D models?

Talking about developing a product, every new project means new challenges. You need to be constantly looking for new references and searching for new solutions.

Can you tell us about a specific project you are particularly proud of?

I am always proud of my projects, but I feel very happy when I see someone wearing one of them. Sometimes it happens in person, but most of the time it is only online or in magazines. In 2013, Gisele Bündchen (the most famous Brazilian model) used a silver collection I designed for an important jewelry brand. That was very satisfying to me.

What sets your 3D models apart from those created by other designers?

I love minimalism, so I am always trying to bring some innovation to simple designs.

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or new models that you are currently working on?

I want to develop more male jewelry; this is a strong trend on the market. Besides that, I am developing some female modern designs using gemstones and diamonds.

Do you have any long-term goals or aspirations as a 3D designer?

One of my goals for the coming year is to learn how to use sculpting software like Zbrush. This will improve my models and allow me to be more creative and create projects that are more organic.

What are your favorite aspects of using CGTrader as a platform for selling your 3D models?

Without a doubt, selling my projects worldwide is my favorite aspect. I am always checking my sales summary and am surprised by the consumers' countries.

Do you have any message for the CGTrader community?

Continue to improve yourself by studying and seeking out new experiences. You will never know enough about anything. Concerning the CGTrader, I am very pleased with my initial results; when I first started, I saw it as a way to make extra money, but now I see it as a professional job. So don’t give up because the effort is worth it.

Can you share any success stories or testimonials from satisfied customers who have purchased your models?

I received some personal messages from my costumers expressing appreciation for the casting results and their happiness with the final product. For me, the ability to recognize is the most important part of being an Industrial Designer. You can check some of them out in my reviews.

"Paulo is amazing to work with, excellent communication and beautiful designs. Definitely recommending." - Oval Gemstone

"Very happy with this model! Great price, well made, prints very well and wears well as a cast ring." - Gemstone Ring

What are the tendencies of 3D market in Brazil? Is it popular?

There are some particularities to developing projects for specific markets, without doubt. Here in Brazil, I have clients and create 3D models that are very different from what I do on the platform. On CGTrader, I am always looking to create projects that can be appreciated by as many customers as possible.

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