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A new royalties system is here and it makes it clear - reputation is everything

December 23rd, 2014

A new royalties system is here and it makes it clear - reputation is everything

With so many improvements taking place on our site in the last couple of months, another new feature (though super exciting) shouldn't come as a surprise. It is one of our early New Year's resolutions to step into 2015 with a fresh mindset, so we're making important tweaks to the way the royalty/reputation system works. No reason to be alarmed, it's all in effort to bring more clarity to the process. Without further ado, let's review the changes.

Based on the feedback we receive from you, we've gathered that the current royalty system may be quite a challenge: difficult to understand and manage with all the different price points. We would have never come so far if not for our early believers and top sellers, so it only seems logical to have a royalty system in place that rewards highly-engaged, loyal designers based on their portfolio, sales and engagement. It's going to be all personal...

The royalty rate will now depend on your reputation on CGTrader. There will be 13 different reputation levels - from Beginners, who've only recently joined the platform, to Legends, whose names speak for themselves, and the royalty rate will vary accordingly, from 70 to 90%.

A new royalties system is here and it makes it clear - reputation is everything 1

Building trust with clients, delivering high-quality projects on time and actively engaging with the community - these will be the key factors to ensuring good reputation; and we all know that, in any business, reputation is everything. Your reputation, and therefore your royalty rate, will grow based on different reputation attributes: most importantly sales and model uploads, but also referrals, sales, social likes, active participation in forum discussions, etc. Reputation points will also get you free CGTrader credits when you achieve a certain level.

It will be fairly simple to get started - anyone with tens of models will easily reach 1,000 reputation points and will enjoy the 80% average royalty. Getting to 90% will be an easy task for most of the loyal sellers, but will require extra work from the sellers who are just starting out. We aim to encourage newcomers to build their portfolio, promote their models, and thereby not only enjoy a higher royalty rate, but also be more successful onCGTrader in general. Take a look at the full list of important factors.

A new royalties system is here and it makes it clear - reputation is everything 2

In order to set the new system in motion, we had to recalculate the current reputation points. It's possible that your royalty rate increased or decreased according to your overall performance. If your royalties went down, but you're an active community member, please let us know - or just use the clever shortcuts to gain reputation points and you'll be able to get back on track in no time.

We understand this is a major change, but our research shows that it will have a positive impact on the majority of loyal sellers' performance and will contribute greatly to boosting newcomers' sales conversion rate.

Anything you have to say about this - we want to hear it.


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joey-blendernut wrote
Okay, this so sucks for me, as I was big, and now I'm small... :( HOWEVER, since a change has been made, I suppose, it's my job to thrive during such circumstances... :)
salexniks2 wrote
I'm still at the beginning, but I'll have to try harder..
3DSB wrote
i am a level 8...more upload very soon :)
Juste wrote
That's awesome! ;)
thoanga wrote
Level 1.. I feel like I'm in an RPG
Fantasyart3d wrote
Yes, I want to be a part of it...
kolayamit wrote
very nice, feeling excited...
ZB3D wrote
Much better system than relying it just on sales (though would be nice to bring back the credit awards, wink wink nudge nudge)
azswift wrote
Thank you. This system looks like a great way to build the community and quickly verify the qualifications of an artist.
olly-gurr wrote
Well first day here, I see that this is intended to push people, however if people are making desings and others want them, I really do not see the need. I understand that the site wants more income and activity, but if you push it too far it might kill innovation and imagination. People working together always produce better products then they do when in compertician.
iftikhar wrote
This All Helpful Thanx
iftikhar wrote
This All Helpful Thanx
XTrim-Universe wrote
Brilliant system to fare extraction of potential talents. Though I've been in here almost 2.5 years ago. But was out for many personal reasons. But now I'm ready again to start from beginning...!!!
stickyslug wrote
I love it! Makes me want to work hard for success!
rasdavy wrote
vladidan wrote
It's sound very promising the whole concept of reputation, a very democratic in a way. As everybody knows an artist is not only the final piece of work that you see, he/she is more than that. The way of thinking, the personality, struggles he/she has, persistence, resourcefulness and many more things. So i beliave with that kind of concept "reputation" that you have builded guys in this platform, you bridge the gaps between sellers and buyers and it is more than that. It is a comunity, to interacte, to share knowlege, to help, to admire, to come closer, and so many other things. I like it :)
luke113 wrote
As a seller, this system is a very bad turn off, and makes me think that CG Trader does not care much about their sellers. Its bad enough to get negative reviews on your product, and now we have to worry about that effecting our royalty rate. Getting negetive reviews already effects sales, and this will make artist who are already struggling be punished even more. I am not against rating sellers and making sure they keep to a certain standard, but this is going too far. Also sellers should not have to be pushed into engaging with "the community" because it effects their money source. That's something they should do if they want too in their free time. This update is really putting sellers on pins and needles in order to squeeze the most performance out of them so they can make CG Trader the most money.