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3D Horse: My key to success in selling 3D models is to create complex, unique and innovative 3D models

December 14th, 2017

3D Horse: My key to success in selling 3D models is to create complex, unique and innovative 3D models

At CGTrader we truly believe that feedback sharing and openess of our community are the things in moving it forward, helping to improve and become more successful. Therefore, we are extremely happy when experienced designers find time to share their insights with fellow community members. this time under the spotlight of CGTrader is 3D Horse, formerly known as Gandoza, who openly shares his strategies, tactics and ideas on making the most out of your 3D art.

What is the story behind 3D horse?

3D horse was formerly known as Gandoza. We felt it was time for rebranding including a new name. Nonetheless, our brand promise remains the same; a trusted company formed to create awe-inspiring 3D models for professionals. 3D Horse is a company dedicated to providing 3D models in complete and textured format that professionals can use for business or presentation purposes. 3D Horse is known for providing clients from various industries with high quality, but at the same time affordable, 3D models.

Are you working alone or is it the team creating all these assets?

I had a vision to start modelling these for quite a long time, and then started modelling on freelance-base in 2004. However, four years into the business a fellow 3D artist came on board and that is when Gandoza stepped out of being a single-person brand. Other members joined later. Everyone in the team is still doing own projects and designs as we acknowledge individual strengths and self expression goals. At the same time we understand that we can create some spectacular designs when the efforts are merged.

What is your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from things around me, but I am also constantly observing the market to understand what is actually needed. My decisions on what to create are based on a number of factors. First, it must be something new and unique. I truly believe that once you offer something unique, customers come. Also, newly created 3D products bring more attention than products from years ago, so it is essential to keep your portfolio up-to-date and constantly add new designs. It is also worth seeing what content is popular and has lots of online coverage: a 3D model of one category might not be as popular as of other one even if they are released at the same time.

There is quite a huge variety of models in your portfolio from engines to characters and from animals to space. What causes this variety?

Having a large variety of models increases chances to make sales. I believe 3D artists must have their niche but also have some variety in their works to be successful seller. I love designing 3D models of engines and animal skeletons as it somehow gives me thrill creating those, but I keep my portfolio rather diverse.
Aircraft engine

3D Horse: My key to success in selling 3D models is to create complex, unique and innovative 3D models 1

What is your pricing strategy?

Firstly, I never undercut. If there is already another version of the same model available for sale, I set similar price for my model. Sometimes I compare complexity, topology and texture quality, if my model is better I set higher price. Consumers are always looking for best quality to price ratio.

How does 3D-Horse keep being up-to-date with industry’s innovations?

We do a lot of research and constant learning at 3D Horse and we have the best 3D artists on our team. We also strive to provide an excellent customer service and deliver only professional, high quality 3D models at an affordable price to our wide range of clients.
Realistic giraffe sceleton

3D Horse: My key to success in selling 3D models is to create complex, unique and innovative 3D models 2

Are there any particular techniques that you are using?

There are generally known techniques but each technique is unique to a kind of content. I try to use what works best for the model while making sure the 3D model is available in a variety of file formats. This also increases chances of selling a lot. Most 3D packages can support file format types like FBX, OBJ, and 3DS. I am also very cautious about file conversion tools as I don’t want to get mixed results and hurt the quality. My advice to any designer is to figure out the technique that works for your content and go with it.

What features or services, if any, do you offer in addition to your clients?

We consider ourselves as one the best 3D model service providers for presentation or business purposes. We deliver only high quality and unique 3D models and modeling services to clients in the fields like advertising, architecture, gaming and entertainment companies, TV, film, and developers. As far as 3D models are concerned, we never compromise on our brand promise. We often add the special touch of delivering the complete and textured format which is fully equipped and ready for animation. Over the years, our 3D modelling areas have expanded and we now offer full scale of services including modeling, texturing, rigging, UVW mapping, lighting, rendering and file conversion.

What projects have you done so far, which could be an exemplary work reflecting your brand?

We have done a lot of projects, which is too numerous to mention. Nevertheless, one that stands out, is the project we have with NASA. It is going to take approximately seven months to complete, during which we are going to create a high quality 3D model of NASA Launch complex 39A and 39B.

NASA Launch complex 39B

3D Horse: My key to success in selling 3D models is to create complex, unique and innovative 3D models 3

What is your key to success in selling 3D models?

My key success to selling 3D models is to create complex, unique and innovative 3D models. If you want to make a living selling 3D models you have to devote time to producing content. You can get lucky, especially building timeless content that can earn you money for years to come. However, it takes a lot of dedication, time and attention to details.

Why did you decide to sell on CGTrader?

I started selling on CGTrader because it’s a fast growing marketplace with up to 80% royalty rate. In my opinion, that is huge and not many platforms can guarantee this. I like to utilize all my options to get the most out of any platform.

What is one single piece of advice you would give to a fellow 3D designer who is just starting to sell assets online?

Every business has its do’s and don’ts. As a new designer, you have to know these rules and follow them. For artists interested in selling 3D models online, it is important to understand the purpose of the product you are creating. What is the end goal? Ultimately, your work should be able to save time for the customer who purchases it. First of all, create good stuff and, in particular, models that do not require any external plugins. Render detailed and close-up preview images. Don’t be too eager to sell your 3D models cheaply. Make 3D model available in a variety of file formats to increase chances for sales, and make sure it doesn’t have any errors. Finally, keep learning.


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