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20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020

August 1st, 2013

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020

July is definitely a month for car-obsessed people. There are two Formula-1 races taking place in July. Moreover, beginning of the month marks the anniversary of the 3th of July in 1886 when Karl Benz started an engine of the very first automobile, powered by petroleum. Since then 127 years passed by, but engineers and designers still have endless amount of ideas, find out undiscovered designs, unidentified forms and dreams about the life in the future will look like.

Computer graphics is extremely favorable for modeling these fantasies. It allows a designer anything: to play with forms, textures, volumes, colours, to choose radical designs, to apply features of favourite superheroes and to give a vision that a car will make you fly in speed of light. These car models are far from the reality, innovative and hundred years ahead of the casual ones. CGTrader represents a carefully selected gallery of 20 concept car renderings especially for your pleasure. All of them were created using 3D modeling software.

So, let's go for a short trip to the future and take a glance at post-modern vehicles, and simply admire their beauty.

Tron Light Cycle Reboot, 2013

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 1

Surely everyone recognizes this speed monster. It is a model of Light Cycle that appeared in 2010 movie Tron: Legacy. You would never believe, but this futuristic artwork is actually on sale for the decent price of $55,000. Moreover, you have to enlist yourself and then wait for ages to spend your salary that would be enough for the next half a year to cover living expenses. This concept vehicle features a 40,000 Watt motor powered by custom lithium-ion batteries - so it can zip you through the dark city streets at up to 100 mph. The blue glow is made possible thanks to OLED light tape, and the thing takes three hours to charge.

Heavy Unit F D Automotive Concept Car , 2012

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 2

It seems to be a deadly car. Extremely deadly concept. It reminds me Humvee car, but this one is purely conceptual. Who knows, but it may be a prototype of a future war car, hiding turbo speed and a machine-gun beneath the sophisticated forms. Until it does not start shooting, I would get a ride with pleasure.

The New 300 SL Gullwing, 2006

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 3

Speed. Speed. Speed. It is the only thing that matters. This car is like Puma animal: unexpected, fast, beautiful, relaxing and hypnotizing. Actually, this model was an attempt to revive legendary vehicle of Mercedes Benz with fresh design and reinterpreted design elements for the new century. Actually, SL model has started a totally fresh era for the industry. Rumours say that Mercedes is indeed working on a modern version of the Gullwing year 2011 model.

Audi Locus, 2007

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 4

The designer Ugur Sahin, who finds his true inspiration in the nature, says that this car model is special and it excites most of people with the way its surface shapes are formed with a continuous flow from the front end until the back of the car. We, obviously, can see it. If it comes to nature as a comparison, I also see this car as a chameleon. It has an ability to incorporate itself into the surroundings by gaining the same color pattern. This Audi also has an indescribable color. Probably, the city streets will never face this beauty, but at least it is a delight to look at.

Mazda KAAN, 2008

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 5

Star Wars story began in 1977, while the first Mazda vehicle was released way earlier - in 1920. I am sure in 2008 those two franchises collided. There is no doubt that Star Wars still inspire all the technology lovers. This concept of Mazda was accomplished by 6 designers and in 2008 this futuristic model won Design Challenge in L.A. Competitors were given a task to create an image of what they believe the race cars will turn into after 17 years under the "Motor Sports 2025" theme. Inspiration for the KAAN came straight from the nature after observation of electric fields and the textures we can see everyday. A lightning bolt actually played the biggest part here.

Dominus Electric Hub Supercar Concept, 2012

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 6

The designer of the rendering says that this environment was modeled totally on purpose. Car seems to almost belong to the Iron Man, because it was made from glass and stainless metal. Actually, it is a car-inhabitant of a modern city. At first it seems to be made out of the cement. Or is it? Reflections, rainy weather, slippery road and four hub motors in each wheel make this design different and completely original.

Concept Bike, 2012

Some people are freakingly afraid of motorcycles. They are fast as hell and always spread the smell of the Beyond Kingdom. This one is not that much frightening, because you cannot fully understand it. If you are a smoker, you can definitely identify this conceptual vehicle as one of those strange lighters. However, the strange but original design, metal curves and broken lines earns the designer a good cigar or a tank of gas at least. By the way, I am still wondering, if I decide that I am brave enough to take a ride, where is the seat?

Peugeot Moovie, 2005

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 7

Compact, comfortable, agile, environment-friendly, fast and futuristic. It is a dream Peugeot car a designer André Costa would like to drive. And it brought him the very first award in the Annual Peugeot Design Contest, recognition, prizes and..a possibility to see this concept turning into the real car. Three months’ work was required from the digitization phase to the final model exhibited at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The non-operational Peugeot Moovie concept was made from the usual concept car materials; foam, epoxy, plastics, steel, polycarbonate and Plexiglas amongst others. Would you like to get your dream car manufactured?

Peugeot Allscape, 2007

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 8

Designer of this concept offers to feel the wind while driving this car. A vision of this future car is to allow human to come as close as possible to the nature. Again, Peugeot. Again, finalist of the Peugeot Design contest. This vehicle is designed to start the adventure and to explore the living environment that surrounds us. The whole car is transparent, covered with UV protected glass in order to enjoy each part of the nature. The minimalistic design is combined with a comprehensive range of technical features and equipment. The creators claim that it is more an elaborate piece of hiking equipment than a sports car.

Volvo Air Motion, 2010

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 9

If it was a vehicle for daily use, this car could almost fly. It is significantly lighter than any other car. Volvo Air Motion Concept Canyon Carver uses fewer and lighter components than traditional cars such as compressed air engines to achieve a weight estimated at under 1000 lbs (454 kg). It was an entry by Volvo into the 2010 L.A. Auto Show Design Challenge competition. They brought the solid philosophy along: imagine, we minimize the weight and complexity of a car, solve the problem of gasoline and maximize your driving enjoyment. Could it ever be better?

Ferrari Hyper Car Hybrid, 2007

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 10

It is completely gorgeous. Ferrari head officers always highlight that quality is more important than quantity. So, here we have it: a doze of totally charming futuristic quality. The designer of a car Kazim Doku thinks that it is a short glance to the future after 15 years. He believes Ferrari to combine almost perfect design of Ferrari Formula 1 race car with the futuristic forms, to put fast as hell engine and make everyone to fall in love with this hybrid-automobile.

Nissan iV, 2010

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 11

Welcome to the year of 2035. Cars of this age demonstrate the meaning of organic synthesis. Every detail of this beauty is designed based on nature. It is engineered towards renewable, lightweight strength and maximum efficiency. Nissan iV represents an innovative zero-emissions vehicle that fits into company's vision of seeing a world where green energy infrastructures have matured and become their own self-sustaining system. It seems that future cars are being developed by environment-friendly engineers, who understand that less is more.

Audi Shark, 2008

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 12

This designer must be crazy. Probably he has been reading sci-fi books since his childhood, or he has an incredibly good imagination, or the sixth sense and future cars will look almost the same like his renderings. Kazim Doku reinterprets Audi design language in a far futuristic way. Moreover, this interpretation brought to him the award of The Desire Competition held by Domus Academy. This concept vehicle covers the idea of a car, style of a motorcycle and flight of a plane. Everything is included. Audi Shark is designed for two people, who wish for strong sensations and high level of safety.

Audi RSQ, 2004

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 13

Meet the Audi car of 2035! It has already took a part in the 2004 sci-fi movie I, Robot as a product placement. While modeling this car, designers had a task to make it futuristic modern and at the same time to declare that it is still Audi. Four overlapping rings were not enough for that, designers also took Audi front-end design that includes the trapezoidal so called "Audi Single-Frame Grille". Instead of wheels this car uses spheres. This concept car still uses gasoline even in 2035. I guess, there is still some place for the improvement.

BMW M1 Hommage Concept, 2008

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 14

This concept was designed specially for the anniversary of legendary BMW M1 car. As the old model, the concept presents new design lines that are ahead of their time. The BMW stylists also incorporated some of the old vehicle’s designs such as the lowered rear window, the lateral badge placement and also a little bit of the front end. The company did not seek to avoid the past and look to the bright future only. Dr Klaus Draeger, BMW Group Board Member says that drawing inspiration from your own past and thereby reinventing yourself - that is exactly what the BMW M1 Homage demonstrates in impressive style

Mercedes-Benz BIOME Concept, 2010

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 15

Mercedes-Benz BIOME futuristic model was treated as the most outlandish and ambitious concepts in L.A. Design Challenge, 2010. The creators of this design ask: What do you think, could cars be grown in a lab? And they answer, that is more likely that Mercedes-Benz BIOME is grown in a sterile laboratory than produced on a production line. This concept model is designed to be in symbiosis with the nature, called a natural technology hybrid and forming a part of our Earth's ecosystem like the leaves on a tree. The whole vehicle is designed to be made from a BioFabre material, that is lighter than metal or plastic, but stronger than steel, the entire body of a car would also be biodegradable. This is an example how futurists of Mercedes-Benz company think outside the box.

Lamborghini Madura, 2010

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 16

It is totally black. It seems dangerous. It refers to the legendary Hollywood movies about bad boys and fast cars. This futuristic model is designed for Lamborghini company and aims to be the first hybrid car that already has a scheduled date of release in 2016. Unless it is a vehicle of the future, it is not completely environmentally-friendly. It stands for the personal eccentricity more. Lamborghini Madura is an artwork of a University student, who wished to design the first "green" car for Lamborghini. In his opinion, if you want a more eco-car, there is no necessity to break modern lines or aggressive style. It can be good looking, fast and exciting.

T2 Concept, 2010

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 17

Actually, lots of designers are fighting for the brighter future with as little combustion of gas, as possible, "greener" cars, lighter materials, and they spend a lot of time sketching these concepts on the papers. This one is the great expectation from Honda company. A vehicle is called the Taasiya T2 Concept, a mid-engine hybrid supercar that comes with a 3.5-liter V6 hybrid engine mated to two electric motors with about 350kW of power and a 0-62 mph time of just four seconds. Without a powerful engine, a car also has provocative design, strict lines and abstract forms. It completely disarms, letting a driver to feel the power of this steel beast. Let's hope that soon it will be possible.

Renault DeZir Concept Car, 2010

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 18

While other vehicle companies play with the power, ecology trends or extremely futuristic designs, Renault choose to play with the sensitivity. Officals of the company claim that this intriguing red concept vehicle model must evoke the passion of a potential driver. It pulses with the complete freedom of a human: blood-red colour, two-seat coupe, butterfly doors and red leather interior. It is not surprising that for the first time it was showcased at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, in the city of love. Renault made a plan to create the series of concept cars that would be modeled after the stages of life that a Renault customer might encounter. In company’s own words their customers will fall in love, discover the world, start a family, work, have fun and become wise. In this case, DeZir concept symbolizes the love stage.

2013 F1 Ferrari Concept, 2009

20 Concept Cars You Could Drive In 2020 19

Imagine F1 Ferrari wild race car that is wheelless. It still maintains many features of nowadays typical Ferrari fireball, but it flies. C'mon, I guess F1 would never be the same again. Actually, the main idea was to pimp a base design of the current Formula 1 car and add something extraordinary, truly futuristic. I honestly think that these fireballs fly each race. Csaba Kiss, a designer of this dream Ferrari, says that he knows that technically this vehicle would not be able to fly, but.. who knows, maybe in a galaxy, far-far away, a car like this exists

We hope that this short trip to the future had completely convinced you that all the sci-fi enthusiasts and futurists are not just a bunch of crazy people. They definitely have a well-developed sixth sense. Moreover, cars act as aphrodisiac for inspiration, would you like to try modeling one as well..?

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