Walter Schauberger Water Vortex Funnel

Walter Schauberger Water Vortex Funnel 3D print model


In order to investigate the secrets of water, Walter Schauberger built large clear funnels in order to observe the water as it drained through funnel forming interesting vortex patterns. A picture of one of Walter's orignal funnels is included above. He concluded that there was a predictable harmony to water's spiraling motion. This form of motion was made more pronounced by flowing through the natural shape of the hyperbolic funnel. You can now observe these wondrous effects yourself with this 3D printing file (available here only in .stl format). This is a 3D printing file of a 10 inch long hyperbolic funnel which has a inlet hole for a hose to be placed in (pictured above). When a hose is fed through the inlet tube, a vortex is created in the enclosure from the draining water. Walter found that this precisely calaculated funnel shape has an influence on the structure of the vortex and causes it to exhibit interesting spinal column shapes, which had never before been seen! You can observe this when the funnel is printed from a clear material. Once again, these spiral shapes that look like a spine are only observed in an hyperbolic funnel. The significance of this funnel shape can be seen throughout nature, in the inherent shape of the gravity field, the curve of a vortex of draining water, or even in the narrowing shape of a tree trunk. Walter and Viktor Schauberger, two pioneers in biomimicry, used this funnel to experiment with and better understand the nature of a fluid vortex. We must get our facts directly from observing nature as Viktor suggested. This is a tool to visualize what water does when it is spun in a natural shape.

For mounting, the funnel has two traingulated supports as shown which you would connect to supports. They each have a hole for a screw to mount with. This file is for research and artistic purposes only; non commercial.

3dhobby 2022-02-11 07:54:26 UTC
The second attempt at printing this STL model in PLA was a partial success after removing the "lid" in meshmixer (import model, generate a cylinder and subtract it from the model to remove about 95% of the "lid" surface). However, since I am unfamiliar with STL mesh editing, removing the lid surface changed the geometry of the mesh triangles, and the modified STL was no longer suitable for 3d printing. I added supports in the slicer program, I printed the funnel with the base on the plate, and the cone turned out very well; The cylindrical base, however, was a failure. Overall, I can say that my 2nd attempt at printing this model failed as well. It was a 10+ hour print. Would the author consider including the original model in CAD format for download ? Ie some widely used format, such as step or obj. Just in case it needs further tweaking for a successful 3d print, the original CAD file could be helpful.
3dhobby 2022-02-07 21:55:24 UTC
I have tried to 3d print this model with the cone facing up. First attempt failed due to lack of enough supports, so more adjustments of the printer profile are needed (such as finer layer height).
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3dhobby 2022-02-07 21:52:07 UTC
I wish the author had included the original CAD design file as well, along with the STL file. It is very difficult to 3D print this object without supports. The 2 lateral supports (for screws) are more decorative than functional, since they are too delicate to sustain the weight of the funnel and water. First attempt at 3d printing this model failed, due to the complicated shape of the funnel. If the "lid" were removed from the funnel base, it would be easier to print with supports, with the cone of the funnel facing upwards. Perhaps the author might consider to include a revised STL version which is easier to print, or he might even include the original CAD model as well ?
clovisjimd 2019-08-28 12:30:14 UTC
Not Recommended
I did not realize it was only a design I was purchasing and I can not open it. I do not have the proper software to view so it does me no good, wasted my money.
Walter Schauberger Water Vortex Funnel
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Walter Schauberger Water Vortex Funnel
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