Implosion Egg with Vortex Pipes

Implosion Egg with Vortex Pipes 3D print model

This is a rotating egg with two whorl pipes on the outside. It is balanced and intended for rotation when full of water. This egg shape was exactly derived from the geometry of the pentagram which is a design feature Viktor Schauberger spoke about.

The whorl pipes use sacred geometry and several dimensions of the golden ratio (for instance, the cross section tapers down in size at a multiple of 1.618x towards the end of the tube). At the bottom is a mounting point for an electric motor. When rotated, water is pulled through the whorl pipes by centrifugal pressure. The whorl pipes move the water inwardly while simultaneously causing it to undergoe a vortex about it's own axis before returning it to the egg chamber, in which seperate vortex dynamics are at play.

I designed this device based on my interpretation of the Energy Technology series of books so this is not exactly a true replication of Viktor's work, although it is very closely based on his principles of ennobling water. Water spun in this design is meant to undergoe ennoblement based on Viktor's theories. This is further aided by using Viktor's catalysts (copper plating the print and then silver plating the copper).

This also functions as a flywheel. The liquid tends to store rotational energy and can restart the rotation of the egg by imparting this energy on the tube walls after the apparatus has been forced to come to a sudden stop. A sudden stop forces the liquid outward, where it is forced through the tubes and re-enters the egg tangentially at a higher velocity, thus forming a vortex to continue the flow of the water into the tube. The files are complete with a twist on lid to keep the water enclosed when it is spinning.

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Implosion Egg with Vortex Pipes
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