Correct Lifting Technique Model 3D print model

This is a instructional model of what happens when you lift a heavy object with the wrong technique. The hole diameters are 3mm, and it is recommended to insert washers between joints for smoother movement.

You will also need to run 2 lengths of elastic from the shoulders down to the pelvis, one for the front set of holes, and one for the back set. The back elastic must be stronger than the front, and the model should have its back erect when not lifting.

You can tie a knot at the shoulder section to stop the elastic slipping down the hole. At the pelvic side, the elastic can be tied to a short length of toothpick or dowel and fitted into the slot provided.

The bucket can be printed with zero or near zero infill, and whilst printing, feel free to drop in some sand or ball bearings to provide the required weight.

Lastly, there are two versions here. One is with the legs at an angle, this is more of an aesthetic thing, and it more closely resembles our own anatomic orientation when bending down and lifting something between our legs. The other is with the legs in a parallel orientation (denoted with the word _straight in the file name).

I have included both as it can sometimes be tricky to have the joint holes line up, especially if you plan to drill out the holes for smoother movement.

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    • bbtravis72
      2018-12-01 14:46
      I had been looking for this model because I wanted to make one for our safety team at work. This is perfect because I can print it in any size and any color. Thanks so much!
    Correct Lifting Technique Model
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