Project Dominator Gunslinger-S Long Range Variant

Project Dominator Gunslinger-S Long Range Variant 3D print model


Now compatible with One Page Rules (OPR), particularly for your Titan Lord armies...

Do NOT buy this file if you already have The Full Dominator in your inventory. That is an all-inclusive package. This is a specialized sub-variant of that bulk discount file.

That file set is here...

Instructions are here, free, on PDF.

This specialty variant of the Dominator Chassis contains the Long Distance Package of main weaponry and Smooth or Standard armor for its carapace and armor plates.

Born of fire and flame, Project Dominator is the heavier, meaner big brother to the Project Quixote mech chassis, specializing in dealing out staggering amounts of firepower that can blow holes in enemy lines and hulls.

From the pocket dimension of Junctionworld, to deep in the dark reaches of the Sixth Worldgate network, and beyond, the Dominator has consistently delivered victory to its pilots. Its unrestricted use in armored warfare is considered an unfair advantage by many, and even a war crime in several dimensions.

The Dominator Gunslinger-S carries an arsenal of long-range weaponry, namely a mixed pairing of superheavy laser and plasma cannons. These unholy vessels of destruction channel the energy from the dual pellet fusion reactors into and through enemy hulls. Anything that survives is then mopped up by a suite of gatlings, molten matter projectors, and guided missiles.

Its armored hull is composed of a laminated blend of ablative ceramics, megadense steel, and non-Newtonian dura-plast, giving it staggering survivability from incoming damage, even without energy shielding. Some clients also prefer its classic, sleeker look, though some have defiled it with custom art or other battlefield trophies to mark their conquests.

What's included...

A whole new armored mech frame. Core, carapace, reactors, arms, legs, sensor heads, and even pilots! Some parts interchange with Project Quixote, but most are beefed and bulked up to handle the heavier armor and weapons loadout.

An armor set known as the Smooth package. This is for a more classic sci-fi look, if you prefer.

A Superheavy Laser cannon capable of vaporizing any tank or mech within line of sight. Two different barrels (one quad-barreled, one monolithic and menacing) and a cannon base module are included. Full-length fused versions are also offered.

A Superheavy Plasma Cannon with two different barrels and a cannon base module. One of the barrels is also included in a full-length version.

Five fused shoulders at different angles to prevent weapon flop, and idealized for magnetization.

Six different weapon sensor heads, including two abominable heads with horns, tusks, and optional metallic tongues!

Five types of upper arms with optional pieces of side armor.

I'll even throw in hangar carts and diagnostic stations, while I'm at it, if you want to make scatter terrain or a hangar diorama.

If there are any problems unzipping the folders, please let me know, and I will provide the raw, uncompressed files.


Best, JBR

PS This kit can be glued solid, but is also capable of magnetization. I advise using neodymium disk magnets, often found on Amazon or other online retailers, in three different diameters. 15mm wide by 3mm thick, 12mm by 3mm thick, and 8mm by 3mm thick. I would stock up on bulk packs of these sizes.

Instructions via PDF will be added soonest, and link will be provided in this text.

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Project Dominator Gunslinger-S Long Range Variant
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Project Dominator Gunslinger-S Long Range Variant
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