Android Infantry

Android Infantry 3D print model


Intended for 3d print.

Fighting robots, armed with multi-barrelled flechette rifles and machine guns. Compatible with most tabletop games and rpgs due to being rather generic.

21 models included in model pack. See the lineup and other renders in the image gallery for a presentation of all models. The model pack also includes a base filled with tank debris.

Suggested print scale is 28mm. Depending on the quality of your printer, some minor details may not show up properly unless you print the models at a slightly larger scale. The models may well function tolerably at sub-28mm scale, but they have not been tested for this. The default scale of all models will be 28mm when you upload them into your slicer program. Their size can be altered without restrictions as long as they fit inside your printer space.

Designer's notes

The following section is information about the design process, what the idea behind the models were and why they turned out the way they did, et cetera. It is not strictly speaking something you as a customer need to know, but you may find it interesting.

There isn't much to say, really. You pretty much get what it says on the tin - nondescript, versatile androids that can function as robotic infantry in just about any sci fi-themed tabletop game, boardgame or rpg. You can decide for yourself which units they can act as stand-ins for, or make up your own rules for including them in the game of your choice.

Part of the concept for the androids is that they can lower their heads into the protective lattice of the bevor. Which is why some android models look like their heads are cut off. If you intend to make up homebrew rules for the androids, this is something you may want to incorporate since you can visually represent it on the tabletop.

The android models can be used to create a regiment. The androids without shoulder pad and cross-shaped electronic transponder are the rank-and-file infantry, while the androids with shoulder pad and transponder (and honking big belt-fed machine guns!) are the officers. Of course, this is only a suggestion. You can use the models any way you want.

It may be of interest to know that I have more android model packs in the pipeline. At the time of writing this, I have a variant of the androids with one arm replaced by a plasma cannon and slightly different torso armor pretty much lined up and ready for export. I'll try to remember to include a link to the new model pack in this product text once it is released. In the future I will most likely release several more variants of the androids - they are a very stable template to work off of, so you can riff on them almost indefinitely. For example, I think I will try to make a series of androids with different power sources. Steam-powered androids, solar-powered androids, nuclear-powered androids and so on. The possibilities are endless.

The round base with the tank debris that is included in this pack is an old, repurposed model that has been included in other model packs in the past. Its age shows somewhat, but it is still perfectly fine. Well ok, it's acceptable. Well ok, it's better than nothing...

Seriously though, what I'm trying to say is I'm aware that the tank debris base leaves a little to be desired. You've been warned.

Oh, and full disclosure: The design for the android legs is from an illustration in a Mutant Chronicles Cybertronic sourcebook from way, waaaay back in the day. I think the artist may have been Peter Bergting, but I'm not sure. Anyway, that's the attribution out of the way.

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Android Infantry
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Android Infantry
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