Robocop2 movie Cain action figure 3d printable model 3D print model

This is the Robocop2 movie Cain Figure.
This Cain figure consisted of 300 parts.
The size 1/6. About 43Cm.
All joints are 95% movable.
This model can reproduce shoulder cannon, chest pincer, pop up LCD screen.
This 3dfile is optimized for FDM printers.
219 STL filed and 1 PDF assembly instruction manual(38 page).
You will require 2kg spools of plastic to complete.
You can complete this by purchasing a separate part.(ex,bolts, nuts, Plamodels option parts..)


It is an unnecessary parts.
So I deleted it.
Total 219 files are right.


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richgold24k-1 wrote
Thank you for your great effort.
Geoffro wrote
Amazing piece of work, it's like a childhood dream come true.
cvanecke wrote
Hi , Thanks for the incredible work I've download the files and i 've not found this files L_Arm_14.STL L_Arm_17.STL Minigun_05.STL R_Arm_19.STL R_Arm_20.STL Hope they don't miss ???? It is possible to have one zip with all files inside please Thanks Cédric
imagehand replied to cvanecke
It is an unnecessary parts. So I deleted it. Total 219 files are correct. Thank you.~
kevinshoot wrote
AWESOME ! Thank you for your hard work: it's been 25 years of waiting for lots of fans :D I have a question, though: Is it possible to scale it down from your 1/6 to 1/8 or 1/9 or even 1/12 ? Thanks in advance for your kind reply !
imagehand replied to kevinshoot
You can adjust in Slicing software (ex. cura) or meshmixer. But You must also consider the size of the purchase parts(ex. bolts, nuts, Plamodels option parts..). So I recommend 1/6. Thank you.
kevinshoot replied to imagehand
Yes, I understand. :) Thank you so much !
appleseedmedia wrote
Hey few questions... Would a 3D print in metal of this work or be way too heavy even if the armour was done in vinyl Are there paint colour guides in there? Are you considering doing an ED209?
imagehand replied to appleseedmedia
Would a 3D print in metal of this work or be way too heavy even if the armour was done in vinyl? ---I didn't think about it. but You will have to strengthen the waist of Cain. Are there paint colour guides in there? ---Not included.I just used Mr hobby SM08, GX201,SEMIGLOSS ALM04YELLOW. Are you considering doing an ED209? ---I am not considering it. Because it is Hottoys ed209.
appleseedmedia wrote
Few more questions about the model; The turrets that the arms sit on do they rotate and do they also have an independent and vertical horizontal forward and back movement like the original stop motion model? Are their decals available for the model? Do you know if there is a way of merging parts of the plans together so they come out 3D printed as one piece? Many thanks!
imagehand replied to appleseedmedia
Shoulder cannon is Simply magnetically coupled.(neodymium magnet) Rotation is possible. Decals used a similar Gundam option decal. This model is action figure, not statue. And statue will be hard to print. So I did not include it.
joeboblol126 wrote
Hi there. Do you have links of websites where I might be able to purchase the metal fasteners mentioned in the instructions?
imagehand replied to joeboblol126
You can find it on ebay or Amazon. Thank you.
joeboblol126 replied to imagehand
Got it, thanks! The description of the neodymium magnets is a little vague though. Specifically what are the dimensions of the 2mm and 3mm magnets?
imagehand replied to joeboblol126
It is a cylindrical neodymium magnet. Dimensions are diameter and Height. Diameter and height are the same. Thank you. :)
gr33nsl33v3s wrote
Is this price for the printed pieces? Fully assembled model? Or just the file?
killalot wrote
About the screw part "M4x24", is it okay to replace it by M4x25? Because I cannot find this spec. M4x24. Or can anyone tell me where I can get screw M4x24?
imagehand replied to killalot
It seems to be okay. Screw can be purchased on eBay or Amazon.
loceys wrote
Any way to purchase a completed figure from you? Thanks
imagehand replied to loceys
I only sell 3D files for printing. Thank you.
and-3d wrote
loceys wrote
Does the lcd screen pop out and back in as well?
imagehand replied to loceys
Head monitor dose not move. Two types are included. It can be easily replaced with a magnet.
killalot wrote
Could you please check the page 9 of the manual? The manual says that there are 2 Upper_33 in the body. But I think Upper_33 is the left part. It is impossible to put 2 Upper_33 like the picture. Where is the right part?
imagehand replied to killalot
Print from the slice with the mirror function on the x-axis. Thank you.
killalot wrote
About leg, the other leg is also printed by mirror function?
volchek wrote
Super job.
GAF wrote
mykola1985 wrote
zeichner84 wrote
Hello, is the PDF manual in english? Can you translate it in german, please? Best regards Ric
imagehand replied to zeichner84
I can not speak German. Use Google Translator. Thank you.
zeichner84 wrote
Hello again. Is the PDF file only an assembly? How does it works with 3d printer? Must I have a 3d printer Software for Windows System? Can I produce with 3d printer from anycubic anet a9 Modell? Thx Ric
imagehand replied to zeichner84
The manual is a PDF file on page 38. Printers are available with ALL FDM. I used the CURA(Slicer for windows). Thank you.
zeichner84 replied to imagehand
Thanks for your reply. Sorry that I many ask, but I am a beginner in 3d print. Now I have not a 3d printer and so on..., but I hope I can buy one next month. My next question is: Do I need to cut a thread in the holes where the screws go in or all the screws are fastened with a nut?
imagehand replied to zeichner84
All answers are in manual. Thank you.


richgold24k-1 has given the model a positive rating
Not also the details, Mr. Chae modeled more than 200 pieces for one big thing with accurate proportion just like the same thing what we saw on the movie. I give 10 out of 10.
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