Norse Knight Megapack

Norse Knight Megapack 3D print model

Intended for 3d print.

This megapack is a compilation of kits originally published separately. Please read description below.

A complete collection of Scandinavian knights, late medieval / renaissance era.

This megapack contains one unique knight miniature from each of the Scandinavian countries (including the city-state Visby, on Gotland).

Each miniature has a number of signifiers relating it to its native country. The Swedish knight is playing chess with death, 7th Seal-style. The Gutnish knight is wearing a helm decorated with a ram's head, and looks shifty enough to be mistaken for one of the Victual Brothers. The Danish knight is based on a painting of the dane king Valdemar Atterdag. And so on. Each knight has a shield sporting a historically-accurate coat of arms.

Additionally, every miniature has a number of different variants, like their weapons held in different positions, bear hoods either up or down, et cetera. There is also a number of different heads for each miniature. Each face is based off of a historical/mythological personage from its respective country (the knight of Finland bears a resemblance to Carl Gustaf Mannerheim, the Swedish knight looks like Max Von Sydow, the Icelandic knight looks like a statue of Ingolfr Arnarson, et cetera).

Finally, there is a great variety of scenery, animals, thrones and general decoration. The knight of Finland comes with the magical mill Sampo, the knight of Norway has an icicle-encrusted runestone, et cetera).

Many parts are compatible with all knights in the megapack, so you can put a Finnish head on a Gutnish body, make the Swedish knight carry the Danish shield, and so on.

Recommended print scale is 40 to 54mm scale. You can print the model at 28mm scale, but some details (particularly face and coat of arms) will suffer. Printing at sub-28mm scale may result in model parts being too delicate to print properly. Please note that there are minor inconsistencies in the default scale between the included kits- always control the size of the model parts you want to use in you slicer software before printing.

This megapack is a compilation of kits originally published separately. Putting all written and visual information on this page is difficult. To find out exactly what types of miniatures and miscellaneous equipment is included in the megapack, the backstories for each nation et cetera, please go to the product page for the original kits. You will find links to each individual knight kit in the links below.

Knight of Sweden

Knight of Gotland

Knight of Finland

Knight of Norway

Knight of Denmark

Knight of Iceland

The model parts for this megapack are all separated into individual .stl files. The .stl files are sorted into .rar archives depending on which kit they were originally included in (all parts for the Knight of Sweden are included in a .rar archive named knight of Sweden, and so on).

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

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Norse Knight Megapack
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Norse Knight Megapack
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