Ashigaru Archer Regiment

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This model pack contains a regiment of Ashigaru, commoner-class infantry used between the 14th and 19th century. The Ashigaru made up the bulk of japanese armies during the Sengoku and Tokugawa Shogunate eras. Bows, called Yumi, were common weapons. Japanese bows varied in size throughout the ages, but were commonly tall - over 2 m - especially in later eras. Yumi were used concurrently with the japanese Tanegashima musket for hundreds of years.

The regiment includes 23 unique soldier models in total, including one commander and flag wavers directing fire. The model pack also includes three round bases, a yumi, a katana and a wakizashi. See image gallery for a depiction of all included models.

Designer's notes

The following section is information about the design process, what the idea behind the models were and why they turned out the way they did, et cetera. It is not strictly speaking something you as a customer need to know, but you may find it interesting.

I've previously released a number of Ashigaru regiments, including yari, naginata, musket, lasrifle and even a table hockey conversion. An archer variant has been requested numerous times, and this release is a belated effort to complete the series. The archer regiment also includes sashimono ( the traditional back flags ) , something that ought to have already been included in the previous regiments.

There are 23 archers included in this pack, but note that the number of unique poses is lower - many of the archers use the same pose, and only differ in their equipment.

These ashigaru wear no clothing beneath their chest armor. This is not how Ashigaru are commonly depicted, and the design might not appeal to you if you are a traditionalist. The models suit niche scenarios, like if the Ashigaru are fighting on southern isles or in high summer. They can even be used as more generic southeast asian infantry, though southeast asian locals are welcome to disagree.

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Ashigaru Archer Regiment
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Ashigaru Archer Regiment
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