Witchhunter captain and Flaggelants

Witchhunter captain and Flaggelants 3D print model


Witch hunters are grim, cold individuals who have dedicated their life to the eradication of corruption wherever it may be. Most witch hunters are the Imperial state-sanctioned Templars of the Cult of Sigmar. Generally speaking, witch hunters are men accustomed to fighting. They are well-armed and sturdy individuals. They favour hooded cloaks and headgear to conceal their appearance from the overly curious. Some wear lead chains about their throats to remind them of fallen comrades and also, so the superstition goes, so that the lead might serve as protection against witchcraft. The followers of witch hunters, the rabble that often accompany them, are a far more dire sight indeed — crazed and self-mutilated men who have lost or surrendered all their worldly goods and, most likely, their reason as well.

Flagellants are the names given to those that have lost all hope for a dying world, and now wander the lands in marauding hordes, preaching the end is nigh and fighting the darkness with a fervour that borders unto insanity. The Empire is a dangerous and cruel place. Wars, plagues and the predation of terrible monsters can destroy whole towns and force their inhabitants to become beggars, vagabonds and brigands. Most who endure such hardships are hardened by their losses, but some are driven over the edge by their suffering. Many of these dishevelled wretches see their plight as a morbid sign that the Empire is about to collapse, an irrefutable portent that these are the last, desperate days of a dying world. These men revel in their despair, yet they see that the only true way of salvation now, is to fight and die in the defence of their Gods

This 32mm miniature set includes a witch hunter captain and 4 flagellant models, all ready to hunt down any heretic, mutant or enemy of the faith!

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Witchhunter captain and Flaggelants
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Witchhunter captain and Flaggelants
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