M-Jet Sprint - 3D Printable RC Jetsprint Boat Model

M-Jet Sprint - 3D Printable RC Jetsprint Boat Model 3D print model

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Note: This is not a physical product. After purchase, you can download computer files which you can use to manufacture your own parts on a 3D printer.

Fully functional and complete RC boat model. You get 18 STL files for 18 parts of the boat, designed to be FDM 3D printed, 16 of them with no supports. You can 3D print it and assemble it with help of the manual, link below. You need to buy all electronics, screws and other necessary parts yourself - part list is in the manual, too.

The f3d files, STEP files or any similar CAD format is not included. I cannot share it for various reasons.

COMPLETE PDF MANUAL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JXAqPCIegU0TW2XvNSiWBZ-T3o3yTSlP/view?usp=sharing

Includes part list, printer requierements, print settings, assembly guide.

M-Jet Sprint overview

1/10 scale, 39cm hull length. My boat weights 1200g, the weight depends on the electronics you choose.

Two stage jet pump, meaning it has two impellers. 27mm diameter. The pump is integrated into the hull body. It achieves very consistent performance and has no issues with priming, like many single stage pumps do. My impeller mounting system does not use any glue or grub screws, therefore makes the maintenance very simple. All thrust is absorbed into a thrust bearing, there is no force on the motor shaft. It is based on my M-Jet 30 jet drive and shares the key features with it, read reviews here: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/hobby-diy/other/m-jet-3d-printable-jet-drive-for-rc-boats

Integrated watercooling: Both inlet and outlet for your watercooling loop are integrated into the design.

Self righting works thanks to a flood chamber - a chamber that gets filled with water when the boat flips over. The side with the chamber gets heavier and flips your boat back. When driving forward again, all the water flows out.

Optional pilots and V8 engine are included in the STL files.

Integrated mounts for the motor, battery, ESC and receiver.

Motor choice: You can use up to 3660 size brushless motor. Read more in the manual.

Please note that this final version of the M-Jet Sprint does not contain the receiver drybox anymore, which was seen in my one of my previous youtube videos showing the development of this boat. After testing the drybox, I found out it would not work as I intended - water was getting inside anyway and it was taking too much space. Therefore I reworked and improved the main cover seal of the hull and removed the drybox completely. Now I recommend just using a plastic bag, which in combination with the new main seal works better overall.

Update 27.03.2021: The Motor choice section in the manual was edited after testing more motors with the boat.

Update 25.04.2021: A new folder Mods_for_M-Jet_Sprint was added to the files. It includes new modifications of the boat design with some ideas coming from the community, which suit different needs. Added mods: thicker hull mod, thicker cover mod, ride plate mod.

Update 02.08.2021: New boat stand by Landon_L was added to the Mods_for_M-Jet_Sprint folder. Thanks for sharing!

Update 10.08.2021: New bilge pump mod by Landon_L was added to the Mods_for_M-Jet_Sprint folder. Thanks!

Update 14.9.2021: New single blade impeller design mod was added to the Mods_for_M-Jet_Sprint folder. This impeller design was not tested on this pump yet, but was found to dramatically improve efficiency on a different pump. Feel free to try it and leave feedback!

Update 6.5.2022: New extended long ride plate mod by Landon_L was added to the Mods_for_M-Jet_Sprint folder. Thanks for sharing!

Update 31.7.2022: New thicker hull with bilge pump by Justin Janes was added to the Mods_for_M-Jet_Sprint folder. Thanks for sharing!

Update 13.8.2022 Thanks to Macandnews, we now have a manual in French language! Thanks for your work.

Hello, Is this servo compatible? https://fr.aliexpress.com/item/1005004550614864.html?spm=a2g0o.detail.1000023.3.596c6e431iOkFp&gatewayAdapt=glo2fra4itemAdapt Thanks
Water keeps getting into the hull through the steering rod hole, even if i put multiple rubber washer or just one. Any advise?
Hi, one guy fixed this issue by sliding a piece of watercooling sillicone pipe onto the steering rod and lining its end up with the hull from the outside, or even putting it through the hull as a long seal instead of the O-ring. Also, you could try sanding the steering rod in the O-ring area and applying thick grease. I hope it helps. Stepan
French manual here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wbEOe-l08VvGZHlTEamWVmr8FguSdx5j/view?usp=sharing
Hello, What are you using as an engine? Is this one in 1800KV suitable? : https://www.ebay.fr/itm/283828931764 I don't want a boat that's too slow, but I don't want it to be unsteerable either! Thanks (sorry for my English, I use Google translate)
Yes, it will be pretty good on 4s. If you wish to go faster, you could even choose the 2150kv one or similar on 4s. Stepan
hi,Can thicker hull use First_stage_2mm_downwards_ride_plate Mod?
Yes it can, the main bottom surface will match even though the hull is thicker, because the jet area is the same for both hull versions. The side plates will be a little bit off but that will not cause any problems. Stepan
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M-Jet Sprint - 3D Printable RC Jetsprint Boat Model
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M-Jet Sprint - 3D Printable RC Jetsprint Boat Model
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