Configurable Multi-Stage Parallel Gearbox

Configurable Multi-Stage Parallel Gearbox 3D print model


Configurable multi-stage parallel gearbox (gear reducer), accurately modeled and ready for use in CAD and 3D print applications. Modeled in Autodesk Inventor and provided in multiple file formats. Gearbox components are modular and can be arranged in a variety of configurations. Combine gear sizes and stack multiple stages together to create many different reduction ratios from the same core components. Perfect for robotics, hobby, and other mechanical DIY projects.

Product includes all parts, assemblies, and drawings shown. Native Autodesk Inventor 2012 files are provided with intact browser trees and parameter tables to allow full configurability and customization.

Assemblies and drawings are provided in the following configurations.

  • 1:1 ratio (1-stage)
  • 1.5:1 reduction ratio (1-stage)
  • 2:1 reduction ratio (1-stage)
  • 3:1 reduction ratio (2-stage)
  • 4:1 reduction ratio (2-stage)
  • 6:1 reduction ratio (3-stage)
  • 8:1 reduction ratio (3-stage)

Additional configurations can be created by using difference gear combinations and by adding additional stages.

Gears are included in 5 sizes:

  • 20-tooth (20mm reference diameter)
  • 24-tooth (24mm reference diameter)
  • 30-tooth (30mm reference diameter)
  • 36-tooth (36mm reference diameter)
  • 40-tooth (40mm reference diameter)

All gears are provided in 2 configurations - female (with an open bore) and male (with a 10mm D-profile shaft). All gears are module 1 in size and have a 20-degree pressure angle (for increased strength). Tooth profiles are precisely modeled with accurate involute geometry and a small amount of backlash to ensure proper engagement.

Conponents are provided for 2 input styles:

  • Exposed 10mm D-profile input shaft (direct drive by motor, gear, pulley, etc.)
  • Manual crank arm with handle (drive by hand)

Conponents are provided for 4 output styles:

  • Exposed 10mm D-profile out shaft (direct drive to gear, pulley, wheel, etc.)
  • Output wheel with mounting holes
  • 4-Lobe output arm with mounting holes
  • 1-Lobe output arm with mounting holes

Gearbox housing is 50mm x 80mm in profile. Assembled housing length is 30mm for 1-stage, 50mm for 2-stage, and 70mm for 3-stage configurations. No bearings are required.

Fasteners are standard metric M4 hardware that can be easily procured from a variety of vendors (McMaster part numbers are provided). Gearbox housing includes unthreaded pilot holes for easy mounting (multiple holes per side).

Product includes:

  • 54 Autodesk Inventor 2012 files for CAD (IPT/IAM/IDW format) - includes all parts, assemblies, and detail drawings
  • 22 STP models for CAD - includes all parts and assemblies
  • 22 SAT models for CAD - includes all parts and assemblies
  • 22 IGS models for CAD - includes all parts and assemblies
  • 17 STL models for 3D print - includes all 3D-printable parts
  • 16 Viewable, read-only 3d models (DWF format, open using Autodesk Design Review free download) - includes all assemblies
  • 16 Detail drawings (DWG and PDF format)
  • 1 Read Me text file (TXT format) detailing the physical dimensions of all parts required to build the assembly

If you have any questions, either before or after purchasing this model, please feel free to contact me here on CGTrader and I will help in any way possible.


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Configurable Multi-Stage Parallel Gearbox
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Configurable Multi-Stage Parallel Gearbox
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  • Autodesk Inventor 2012 (.iam, .ipt)29.7 MB
  • Autodesk Inventor 2012 (.idw)29.7 MB
  • AutoCAD 2000 (.dwg)1.58 MB
  • IGES (.ige, .igs, .iges)2.49 MB
  • PDF (.pdf)1.94 MB
  • 3D ACIS (.sat)2.96 MB
  • Stereolithography (.stl)5.82 MB
  • STEP (.stp)2.28 MB

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  • Publish date2020-06-07
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