Racing Tyre Gift Box

Racing Tyre Gift Box 3D print model

Since for this month (October 2019) my Gift & Jewellery Boxes are all on sale in my Etsy store I thought it was only fair that I add a couple more of each for you, just to give you even more choice!

I realise I haven't really represented the sporting world in my store and that really for a pretty obvious reason; I'm not really a sporting kind of person. One sport I do enjoy (or I did anyway, until Channel 4 cucked out and stopped doing live races :/) is Formula 1. I don't really follow one team or one particular driver, I'm more into it for the extreme technomancy which goes into making the cars into the technical marvels they are; developing that much power in such a small package, turning the black sorcery of aerodynamics into making the car stay so firmly glued to the track, being so delicate-looking but at the same time allowing a driver to walk away unscathed from a 200mph crash.... the science of F1 is truly fascinating.

This latest Gift box is a representation of a Formula 1 rear tyre, and before anyone says anything.... yes, it's not 100% up to F1 regulations; it's too wide, the markings are different and... well, it's small and made of plastic. No judgement, dear reader; I'm a massive pedant too. This is a gift box for your favourite F1 fan, for a special ring for your special petrolhead or for any other application you want to put it towards. You can print it in four different tyre compounds (for you non F1 fans, that's the softness of the rubber the tyre is made from, designated by the coloured marking on the sidewall): White for hard tyres, Yellow for medium and Red for soft, or if you want it just to be purely decorative you can have it another colour (knock yourself out!).

If you'd prefer to order one from my Etsy store you're always very welcome -

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Racing Tyre Gift Box
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Racing Tyre Gift Box
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