Low Poly Pokemon Collection Generation 1

Low Poly Pokemon Collection Generation 1 3D print model

  • Print 'Em All - All 151 first generation Pokémon are included
  • 3MF Prusaslicer file with custom supports
  • Designed to 4% scale of the real-life size of the Pokemon
  • Colors separate without multi-material 3D printer

Some pokemon have slight gender differences and we’ve also included those in this collection. Some pokemon have a female and male version.

We made a video Pokédex for them (if you click through to YouTube each pokemon has a timestamp so you can skip to the ones you like): https://youtu.be/rCXehTpuyn8

The size at which you download them is 4% of the real-life size of the Pokemon. It is chosen so that if you print the whole collection it won't be too big and even the tiny Pokemon will look good but if you’re going to be making just this one or a couple then print them at whatever size you like :) If you’d like to buy just some of the Pokémon separately you can have a look at our website.

Print settings:

We’ve included 3MF files that include the settings we used to print them in PrusaSlicer. Each pokemon also has its own separate stl file. So you can print it with whatever settings you prefer.

0.1 mm to 0.2 mm layer height is recommended.

If a Pokemon was designed to be printed without supports it has no_supp in its name.

Some models need to be printed with supports. There are pre-made paint-on supports and support blockers in the 3MF files.

The large 3MF file is divided into sections by color so you can select all the models with CTRL+A and move them around to place a single color on the print bed and print all parts of the same color at a time.

Some of the pokemon were printed with layer color changes which you can easily set in PrusaSlicer or you can do just a manual filament change at the right time.

About the designs:

It took us almost a couple of years to make all of these. We tried to pay really close attention to all the details of the aesthetics and tweaked them many times after printing so they print well for you. The size of the polygons is chosen so they work well together as a set so the smaller pokemon have fewer polygons than the bigger ones.

Note: This collection is a labour of love from our team at 3Demon. While we're not affiliated with the Pokémon company, our fan-made models are crafted with dedication and passion for fellow Pokémon enthusiasts. If you don't have a 3D printer, we encourage you to seek local printing services to bring these models to life.

We are a small group of people based in Prague, Czech Republic. Follow us on social media like instagram, facebook, youtube, reddit, tiktok and discord and explore more of our creations.

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itscaden 2021-01-01 20:11:57 UTC
I did kind of think that every Pokemon could be printed out in one print I understand why they can't though
Low Poly Pokemon Collection Generation 1
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Low Poly Pokemon Collection Generation 1
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