Mandalorian Helmet STALKER 3D model

Mandalorian Helmet STALKER 3D model 3D print model


This is 3D Model one of the types of Mandalorian helmets. Model - Stalker. It fully prepared to 3d print.

Attention: This is not a physical object. This is only digital 3d model.

Pack includes five elements:

  • Helmet
  • Visor - You can use this part as master-model to create a real transparent Visor from polycorbonate or PET.
  • Antena
  • transmitter
  • plug

This model also has the ability to remove the antenna and close the hole with a special plug. In case you plan to use this helmet in Airsoft.

LICENSE: By purchasing a 3D model in digital format from us, you automatically get the right to 3D printing and subsequent use of the printing result at your own discretion , it can be a gift or sale of the finished product with mandatory mention of the authorship . You also automatically agree to the author's prohibition to modify (excluding scaling to fit the size ), resell , copy , gift, or any other distribution of the 3D model in digital format .

Это 3D-модель одного из видов Мандалорианских шлемов. Модель - Сталкер. Она полностью подготовлена к 3d-печати.

Внимание: это не физический объект. Это всего лишь цифровая 3d-модель для печати.

Пак включает в себя пять элементов:

  • Шлем
  • Козырек - вы можете использовать эту деталь в качестве мастер-модели для создания настоящего прозрачного козырька из поликорбоната или ПЭТ.
  • Антенна
  • передатчик
  • штекер

Эта модель также имеет возможность снять антенну и закрыть отверстие специальной заглушкой. На случай, если вы планируете использовать этот шлем в страйкболе.

larsoncolton 2022-02-20 22:25:49 UTC
If I buy the files, am I able to have a company that 3D prints on commission print it out for me? Also, is there a slot for the visor to be slid into, or will the visor have to be attached another way?
craft-vision 2022-02-21 08:25:05 UTC
1. Yes you can. If they agree to the terms of the license. And they will not distribute the 3D model itself in any way. 2. The lens model in this case is used exclusively for forming a transparent lens. As a master form. Because no printed lens will be transparent. Therefore, there are no fasteners for it inside the mask. Usually a molded lens (for example, made of PET plastic) is simply glued inside the mask.
jmg705 2020-07-10 20:13:26 UTC
Good job stealing designs from NME Props.
craft-vision 2020-07-13 14:10:45 UTC
We didn't steal anything! This project was made to order. We were given several photos of the finished helmets and asked to make a model based on them. We did. We didn't know about any "NME Props". In addition, if it is a Mandalorian helmet, then the entire design is based on the design of the helmets from STAR WARS, and all rights to them belong exclusively to the owners of the rights to the STAR WARS franchise. More specifically, Disney! So no private workshop can claim the rights to images of Mandalorian helmets! Yes, the design is similar, but we made this model ourselves. And we have supporting screenshots from various stages of 3D modeling.
jmg705 2020-07-13 14:15:00 UTC
Then you fraudulently made a design based on a privately made design. I should know; I've had one of these helmets for over 5 years. You should take this down and design something original instead.
craft-vision 2020-07-13 15:20:29 UTC
This Is Nonsense! There are a huge number of 3D models made in the STAR WARS universe! And other universes from games and movies! Following your logic-NME Props also based the design of their helmet on the design of the original Mandalorian helmet. They also violate copyrights. I repeat again - this model is not stolen. It was made based on photos provided by the customer. But it was made by us. And the only one who has the right to make claims against us is Disney.
jmg705 2020-07-13 15:32:51 UTC
There's a big difference between "inspired by" and "theft". If Disney had such a problem with NME selling their design (which NME does), you'd think Disney would send a cease and desist, no? It's been at least 5 years and as far as I'm aware, Disney hasn't. I'd say 5 years is more than enough to establish ownership of a unique design, which means you're nothing more than dirty, rotten thieves for selling this publicly. You should take it down and double-check your commissions from now on.
grimguardianlp 2022-06-09 12:31:51 UTC
"We didn't steal anything, we just made an exact replica of something someone else made", yeah, that's stealing dumb ass.
motoguy75a 2023-09-25 00:06:58 UTC
I fully agree with you. If anyone owns the rights to this design it is Disney or Lucasfilm. People need to take a major chill pill. As long as Disney is not shutting anyone down for making these helmets, SHUTUP AND HAVE FUN PRINTING THEM OUT.........................
firespray27 2020-04-08 08:36:32 UTC
OH MY GOD YES!!! Thank you for this model!!! Didn't find it anywhere and want it for my armor! Awesome!
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Mandalorian Helmet STALKER 3D model
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Mandalorian Helmet STALKER 3D model
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