Female Rigged VR / AR / low-poly 3D model


This is hight quality female model with animation friendly topology.(Edge loops, quad poly, simple overall structure)
Full Rigged with over 30 facial blendshapes and 20+ skin morph targets in order to produce better rig quality and remove all joint issues such as overlaped knees, stretched hips, etc.

Model is suitable for use in broadcast, film, presentation, cut scenes, advertising, etc.

All geometry and textures can be used in any type of 3d apps. Such as Maya, C4D, LightWave, Marmoset and current gen game engines (tested in Unity5, UnrealEengine4 and CryEngine)

Product has SSS(SubSurfaceScattering) skin shader V-ray 3.0(VraySkinMtl)

Shaders was made considering any type of HDRI lighting and works perfect with sIBL, HDRI Light Studio etc.
Makeup and skin tan are separated in different bitmaps and layered sub-shaders. (in order to produce deeper control and blocking SSS effect)
Also complex body hairs (fur) are included.

Product has Marvelous Designer 5 project files for Bra and Pantys (in order to make interactive animation)


Total- 19 538 poly

body- 9 496 poly

eyes- 448 poly (each)

jaws- 2 168 poly (top) 2 156 poly (btm)

tongue- 156 poly

nails- 320 poly

shoes- 1 098 poly (each)

bra- 1 772 poly


The character is rigged and skinned (Biped + Skin).
Facial animation controlled by Morpher modifier. Morpher is wired to viewport sliders. Facial animation is controlled with 30+ morph targets.
Full control of the face - mouth, eyes, brows, jaw, tongue, ect. Facial expressions: mouth open; smile; lips open; anger/fear; tongue out; tongue lick; jaw open; jaw side; jaw front; eyebrows; eyes (blink); eyes iris (pupilsize); etc.
Lip-sync controlled by phonemes:
A; E; O; P; U; (C,D,G,K,N,R,S,Y,Z); (F,V); TH; L; (W,OO,Q)
Also model has several displacement maps to add details to blendshapes effect.


Skin has 7 different texmaps in order to produce better quality.

Overall- 8192x8192px .tif

Epidermal- 8192x8192px .tif

Subdermal- 8192x8192px .tif

Normal- 16384x16384px .tif

Displacement- 16384x16384px .tif

Gloss- 8192x8192px .tif

SSS radius- 4096x4096 tif

additional (microdetail only) displacement map also included.

Makeup & Tan- 8192x8192

Overall- 4096x4096px .tif
Normal- 4096x4096px .tif
Displacement- 4096x4096px .tif

Overall- 2048x2048px .jpg
Displacement- 2048x2048px tif
Bump-750x750px .jpg

Overall- 2048x2048px .jpg
Normal- 2048x2048px .tif
Displacement- 2048x2048px .tif


From 4096 to 2048px

Head, Lashes & Eyebrows- 3dsMax Hair&Fur (spline)
Body hairs- VrayFur

note: extract all zip files into root folder


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deant wrote
plmj-angel wrote
Looks like another one on here
xmonmnnx wrote
it has no poly pic layout its medical grade and its price wise should show it just to see if its flow meets my needs, or if i have to just make mine in Maya seeing if its worth buying or not..
YurkYurk wrote
so sexy!
AndreiCG wrote
Very realistic!!
miaomiaojuju wrote
Great model but not low poly. This model is in the wrong category 17000 polys is a lot
dimon9206 wrote
Great model! I bet you can get same looking real girl for that price for the needs though ((:
kingnewnew replied to dimon9206
Plus it can not satisfy your reproduction instinct, what a nuisance People who bought this model, what were you thinking?
anshivl wrote
sharivary wrote
Simply perfect!
tyoungjr2005 wrote
Does anyone want to make a game with this model?
chien-1 wrote
could you post some pics of how it looks like in Unity? Thanks!
gpartin wrote
Please check your messages, I'm interested in speaking with you about creating some custom models.
lyivan wrote
Sloviur wrote
Nice model, but the price is insane! The realistc price should be something about 199 $ comparable to other models in this quality on internet...
iulianmira replied to Sloviur
199 $ it's not the price for such good quality product. It's humiliating to price it so low. You should better inform yourself about this kind of production and not write such useless comments.
elyar wrote
Nice texture..
kathrecha wrote
i want download this model everyday
eiress wrote
mcmahon435 wrote
Amazing!!Price is justified. I haven't seen anything close to this quality anywhere on the internet
sacul-mouillet wrote
Hello I was wondering if anyone that bought this model could give me some feedback on this product?
rafelmata wrote
feler1 wrote
I bought this model, but cant get the materials right, can you send me as unreal engine asset?
djonsing wrote
And why the topology is not shown?
kingnewnew replied to djonsing
Yes indeed, fixed that. Thanks
bookmil3 wrote
i want to buy, but can use for .obj format?
svyatoslav wrote
If I want to sell models, should I have a license for Zbrush?
col wrote
phenomenal detail and realism
kenart wrote
damn this is awesome


jwittegb has given the model a negative rating
Model (fbx) will collapse when in the elbows and thighs when posing. There are no skin morphs / blend shapes for those areas. So if you want your realistic model to work fine in many poses, you will have fix it by yourself as it isn't ready for it. The author said it is expected to happen in game engines, as they might not support skin morph, but Unity (the engine I use) does support them, and all the facial expressions work fine but unfortunately there are no skin morphs to fix the weird deformations in the arms and legs. It is really a shame. the model looks fantastic, but the rig for the body is awkwardly bad.
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Designer response: 75% in 21.8h
Available formats
  • Zbrush 4R7 (.ztl) 5.99 MB
  • Marvelous Designer Garment (.zpac) (2 files) -
    Version: 5
    Version: 5
  • 3ds Max(.max) (2 files) -
    Version: 2015, Renderer: V-Ray 3.0
    Version: 2015, Renderer: V-Ray 3.0
  • Autodesk FBX(.fbx) (3 files) -
    Version: 2013
  • 3D Studio (.3ds) 4.13 MB
  • OBJ (.obj) (Contact for availability) -
  • Stereolithography (.stl) (Contact for availability) -
More details
  • Publish date2016-05-27
  • Model ID#596892
  • Animated No
  • Rigged Yes(approved)
  • VR / AR / Low-poly Yes(approved)
  • PBR No
  • Geometry Polygon mesh
  • Polygons 17,388
  • Vertices 17,866
  • Textures Yes
  • Materials Yes
  • UV Mapping Yes
  • Unwrapped UVs Non-overlapping
  • Plugins used No