Young Assaf Sheep With 5 Animations VFX Grace

Young Assaf Sheep With 5 Animations VFX Grace 3D model

This is a young Assaf sheep model with 4K maps, fur, rigging, and 5 animations, as well as a real oral cavity model. For a better result, the skin maps and hair maps are made separately, and HairClump addon is applied to hair creation. The model is made with Blender and Cycles renderer.
This model consists of body, lacrimal glands, lower oral cavity, upper oral cavity, irises, sclerae, lacrimal caruncles, tongue, lower teeth, upper teeth.

Body: vertices 36,868; polygons 36,866
Lacrimal glands: vertices 780; polygons 776
Lower oral cavity: vertices 6,485; polygons 6,372
Upper oral cavity: vertices 12,113; polygons 12,006
Irises: vertices 2,404; polygons 2,432
Sclerae: vertices 1,572; polygons 1,600
Lacrimal caruncles: vertices 1,316; polygons 1,312
Tongue: vertices 6,058; polygons 6,056
Lower teeth: vertices 22,430; polygons 22,032
Upper teeth: vertices 34,424; polygons 33,928
Total: vertices 124,450; polygons 123,380

There is a Blender project and an OBJ file.

JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_Body_Hair_BaseColor.png, 4096*4096
JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_Body_Mask.png, 4096*4096
JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_Body_Normal.png, 4096*4096
JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_Body_Skin_BaseColor.png, 4096*4096
JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_Eye_BaseColor.png, 2048*2048
JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_Hair_Mask01.png, 4096*4096
JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_Hair_Mask02.png, 4096*4096
JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_OralCavity_BaseColor.png, 2048*2048
JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_OralCavity_Normal.png, 2048*2048
JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_Tongue_BaseColor.png, 4096*4096
JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_Tongue_Normal.png, 4096*4096
JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_Tongue_Roughness.png, 4096*4096
JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_Tongue_Specular.png, 4096*4096
JC0L219A8_YouthAssafSheep_Tongue_SubsurfaceAmount.png, 4096*4096

With full controllers, postures and animations are easier to create, the features are as follows:
CTR_Tail controls whether the tail moves following the buttock by the customized attribute Tail_Follow.
CTR_Neck controls whether the head moves following the neck by the customized attribute Head_Follow, and controls whether the neck moves following the spine by Neck_Follow; Head_Follow only works when Neck_Follow is set to 1;
Neck_IKFK is used to switch IK/FK control of the neck.
CTR_Leg_B_Other.L and CTR_Leg_B_Other.R control the switch of IK/FK of the hind legs by the customized attribute IK-FK, which is non-seamless, and Leg-Stretch controls the stretch limit of the legs.
CTR_Leg_F_Other.L and CTR_Leg_F_Other.R control the switch of IK/FK of the forelegs by the customized attribute IK-FK, which is non-seamless; Leg-stretch controls the stretch limit of the legs; Knee_shake is to solve the knees jitter during animation.
CTR_OpenToe_B.L, CTR_OpenToe_B.R, CTR_OpenToe_F.L and CTR_OpenToe_F.R control the extension and flexion of the toes.
CTR_masticate controls the mastication by Location on the X axis.
Fine facial controllers support detailed expressions creation.
And more...

Loopable trotting animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-12;
Loopable walking animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-22;
Unlooped eating animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-470;
Unlooped lying animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-300;
Unlooped watching animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-345;

To obtain finer hair detail, the addon—Hair Clump—was applied to this model. The attached addon supports Blender 2.93.
To reset the initial pose of YouthAssafSheep_Lie, please reset all attributes of all controllers, and turn off the attributes Copy Location.001/002 of CTR_leg_f_twist_i.L/R, otherwise, the model will be deformed abnormally.
To run faster, the fur is hidden, with Render enabled.
The model is in meter units at real-world scale.
The model can be rendered in the current project without cleaning up.
No cameras or lights.
If this high resolution isn't necessary, here are some optimization methods:
Decrease the number of hair children, and increase the thickness of hair
Decrease the steps of the Interpolated spine.

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Young Assaf Sheep With 5 Animations VFX Grace
Royalty Free License 
Young Assaf Sheep With 5 Animations VFX Grace
Royalty Free License 
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