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The Story of the Santa Chaos Team Rudenolf was thinking, a strange novelty, the concept of novelty itself was new. Like obscene streamers, the bowels of the red-clothed fat man adorned his mighty antlers; that old bearded man, his fixations, he had never paused a moment to think of him!

Did he ever stopped to think of red as the color of blood? And that the blood itself could compete to overcome the intensity of his hateful dress?

Those were strange thoughts, they jumped in all directions ... like his companions! ... those strange little goats on two legs, so similar to the odious little elves with pointy ears, pimps servants flatterers of the fat one, similar not so much in appearance or in the intent, as for the frenzy, the elves to fulfill the silly and repetitive mission of the red fat man, the goat to annihilate everything in their sight!

Rudenolf still had the harmony and the beauty (other new things he had just discovered) of the jumpy ballet in his eyes, a hypnotic dance between the heads of goat and the little elves. The former bound to destroy, the latter desperately trying to escape in panic amids torn bodies, entrails pulled like crimson ribbons to adorn those corpses like badly discarded gift packages... a chaotic motion that contrasted with the immobility of the Four.

Yes, the Four. Rudenolf became aware of them only when they granted him such notion. No matter how but he suddenly opened his eyes and he saw them, cruel simulacra of the red fat one, similar in appearance, but glorious in the aura of their intent!

And there they stood, true bearers of gifts. Gifts for all, not only for the odious and boring good of spirit, whose luminous souls had marked step by step a destiny of slavery for Rudenolf.

The Four threw the fat man dressed in red before his feet (Rudenolf was standing!) bloodless and panting. They said to him: Play with him!, what is play he asked, and one of the Four beckoned him towards the brothers with a goat's head, They are happy, they have fun he said, and as he watched the latter wearing the limbs of the elves like obscene vestiges, Rudenolf understood, and as he eviscerated the fat one he was really happy.

Now it's enough! the Four said, now the game changes, it will have rules, our rules!. Now you can dress red clothes too and you can bring to all the gifts that you will consider just ... pain, fear, despair, your revenge, your new game... Rudenolf understood, his nose lit up with a dark red, cruel, not a guide in the night, but a threat, an ominous foreboding, memento of an inevitable promise, joy and expectation yes, but only for Him and his too many buried desires.

Now enough shout one of the Four, the one with the wolf helmet, which until now had not spoken, "stop playing with the bowels of the Elves! ... you prepare Rudenolf, walk with us, at our side, the Coach is waiting for us!

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Santa chaos complete team
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Santa chaos complete team
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