Spline quad extrusion in 3d max with clean topology without Extrude modifier

Tutorial posted 13 days ago
by 3dgapt3dgapt

In this tutorial video I am showing how to make extrusion in 3ds max with clean quadrified topology WITHOUT usage of extrude modifier. It maybe useful if you plan to add some details to the extruded spline in polygon modeling or if you imported the spline from CAD or other 2d software for future development in 3ds max.

Step 1 - Video tutorial can be seen below

Step 2 The tutorial starts @ 0.50 sec


Step 3 Links to the files mentioned in the tutorial

For review, I leave a link to a free model of a "star" pendant which has been made using same technic. The file includes a non-collapsed modifier stack, https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/character/clot...

Here are the links to other models that were also created using spline modeling and which can be purchased on cgtrader.com (including the bird model, which i modeled in this tutorial). They have additional raw files with not collapsed modifier stacks too




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