Vase Model from EP Curve

Tutorial posted about 3 years ago
by nahlabakrnahlabakr

this Tutorial is to show how to create a Vase model from an EP curve. then how to turn NURBS to Polygons.

Step 1

  • Panels/ Orthographic/ Front.
  • Click on Curves tab.

Step 2

Begin to draw your Vase using a Curve.

Step 3

Step 4

Now you closed the Curve, by clicking "Enter".

Step 5

Select Control Vertex to adjust the shape as you wish.

Step 6

Moving the Curve points as shown.

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11

Step 12

Step 13

Step 14

Step 15

Open up the Surfaces Tab.

Step 16

Surfaces/ Revolve, to complete your Vase model.

Step 17

Press "5" to get the shade mode.

Step 18

Move the model up to get rid of the Curve.

Step 19

Delete the EP Curve.

Step 20

Step 21

Select the "Yellow" vertices together as shown.

Step 22

Move them down.

Step 23


if you wanna convert NURBS to Polygons to have more control over the model.. here will be the steps.

Step 24

Step 25

Step 26

  1. Insert Edge Loop.
  2. Scale to the inside to give it a cool looking.
  3. Select the Highlighted edge.
  4. and 5. Scale to shape the top of the vase.

Step 27

  1. Select the Faces and delete.
  2. Select the faces inside the "RED" box and delete.
  3. Extrude the selected edges.

Step 28

  • Extrude 3 times to adjust the Top as you like it to be.
  • Then Smooth 2 times.

Step 29

Make it Shiny and Cool.

Step 30

Congratulations =D ... good job

Step 31

Step 32



nahlabakr wrote
yeah..thank you
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thanks for sharing
nahlabakr wrote
thanks sir lml46
htiek wrote
Thanks for sharing!
nahlabakr wrote
you are so welcome sir htiek.. I wish it Helps
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