Cheese 3D Model

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by nahlabakrnahlabakr

Cheese Lovers Tutorial. Very simple steps to create a piece of Cheese Model. Pictorial illustration.

Step 1

Step 2

Increase the Subdivisions.

Step 3

On the Rendering Tab.. choose the (Blinn).

Step 4

Create a Cylinder to make Holes.

Step 5

Make copies of the Cylinder in different sizes.. as shown.

Step 6

  • Select the piece of Cheese first.
  • Hold (Shift) and select one Cylinder.
  • Mesh/ Booleans/ Difference.

Step 7

Do the same with each Cylinder to make more Holes.

Hint: you can increase the Brightness of the Color by increasing the (V) value.. as in the Blue arrow.

Step 8

Now, it is time to Split the Edges to make the piece of Cheese more Realistic.

Step 9

like that.. Repeat on all edges around the model.

Step 10

Step 11

Choose vertices Randomly to Scale.

Step 12

Watch the Changes.

Step 13

Good Job :)

Here you are your Final yummy piece of Cheese.


nahlabakr wrote
haha you are welcome
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Thanks for sharing!
nahlabakr wrote
you are so welcome sir
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