Reactor Collision Animation

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by aziz-khanaziz-khan

Hello every one! In this tutorial I will show you how to create a collision using Reactor, this technique is really handy, which is why I like to use it most of the time in my projects. To do this tutorial you should know how to use reactor with its properties I mean intermediate knowledge.

Intro & Project file

I have provided a simple scene for you to use here with a few boxes, walls and the cone which represents the lamp light. It will act as collision in the scene, so you can say that we have a warehouse with collision in it.

Ok, lets get started. When you download the scene open it and we are ready to go.

Step 1

When your scene is open, if you are using my provided scene, then your scene should look similar to how it looks in the images below.

Step 2

Now its time to assign mass values and also Proxy Settings for our objects in the scene.

To do this, first of all select the box called Hit Box in the scene and then go to the Reactor panel, from there chose Open Property Editor. When the window appears, give the mass a value of 5 and then hit the radio button called Proxy Convex Hull, then hit the button called None in front of the Proxy. Then, chose the hit Box which you have selected at first, check the Display Proxy option and then click on the None button. Finally, chose the box outside the walls called Display as shown in the image below.

Step 3

When you have selected the first box, its time to assign a mass value and proxy settings for the other boxes in the scene. Select one of the box and then go to the Reactor panel click on Open Property Editor. From the window do the same as you did before in the image above, but here you have to change one thing- for all the boxes, just check mark Inactive, then do the same as in the picture below.

Step 4

Now select the second box and then do as you did before using the same settings for all the boxes which are near to the lamp as in the picture below.

Step 5

When you have done all of the settings, as the images above shows for all the boxes correctly, now you need to add a Reactor plane for the up, down, left, and right, so when the boxes collide with the walls they stay in side the warehouse.

To create the Reactor plane go to the Reactor panel as shown below.

Step 6

Now create the Planes.

Click in the left view and front view window and create the sides where the boxes will collide with each other make sure you have also created the floor too as the picture below shows.

Step 7

With the Reactor Plane still selected, create once more another one in the top view and then move it upward over the lamp indicating below in the picture.

Step 8

When you fix the upper Plane to the lamp light exactly, now go to the Reactor panel the choose, Spring as image below shows.

Step 9

Now check the parent box and then click on the None button, then hit the lamp light. Under Child choose the Plane and also set the Dynamic Properties like the picture below.

Step 10

Your objects should look like in the image below.

Step 11

Go to Utilities > Reactor > Preview & Animation tab and change the settings like in the image below.

Step 12

Also, set the Col. Tolerance to 0.02 as in the picture below.

Step 13

Once Again, go to the Reactor panel and then chose, Rigid Body Collection as in the image below.

Step 14

Click somewhere in the scene and then chose the Add button.

Step 15

Now from papering window add all the objects in the scene in Rigid Body Collection

Step 16

Now you can see all the objects in the scene has added in the list

Step 17

In the Reactor panel chose Preview Animation

Step 18

If you see the Reactor saying there is some inter-penetration and also Density of objects are very low, don't worry, nothing will happen in our simulation, everything will work nice and neat.

Step 19

When you are happy with your animation hit the Create Animation button in the Reactor panel.

Final Results

Here is my final render image. I took this image after creating the animation.

Also you can download the end scene that how i create this Animation click here

I hope it helped you how to create collision among the objects with this you can create a very complex animation too, its really useful when you dealing with verity of objects in scene, this techniques really make your life easy to create realistic animations.

If you have any comments, feedbacks, suggestions, questions are welcome I will be happy to hear from you.


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