3D Architect : 10 Common mistakes to avoid in Architectural Visualization

Tutorial posted 11 months ago

I know, i need to activate windows! Short videos explaining 10 commons mistakes when creating an architectural render. Let me know what are thought on that in the comment section.

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Krahazik wrote
I have a problem with the comment in the video about to much color, especially when dealing with a building and an exterior scene. There are numerious places around the towns around me where if you were to take a photograph, the photo would break the 3 color rule. The building example he showed of having to much color is entierly believable. We have buildings around where the building has 3 distinct colors for the building, then youadd the surrounding landscaping, roads, sky, cars and the color count in the scene easilly hits 5-8 colors.
creativa-studio wrote
Hi Krahazik, thats a fair point you just made. There is actually the possibility to use four colors in a render, not many people can pull this off (even myself) so playing around with three is a good rule. That "rule" actually comes from the color theory concerning different color scheme (i.e monochromatic(1color) , complimentary(2colors) , analogous(3colors), double complimentary(4colors) and more... There is an awesome video make by Andrew Price about colors (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj1FK8n7WgY). If you take a look at this company's work (https://www.mir.no/work/), you rarelly see them use more than 3 color. So this is basically why i am saying this but feel free to use as many colors as you want! Have a Wonderful day, -Sam
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