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Other Partners


Autodesk focuses on 3D design software for use in the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media and entertainment industries. Design professionals, engineers, architects, digital artists, students, and hobbyists rely on Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and meet critical challenges in building, manufacturing, and visualization with a comprehensive portfolio of advanced design tools.


Allegorithmic is the industry standard for material creation and texturing.They provide tools and technologies to push the boundaries when it comes to 3D content creation.


Marmoset is a company of creating real-time rendering toolkit, Toolbag, WebGL-powered Marmoset Viewer, the grid-based painting tool, Hexels, & Marmoset Skyshop for Unity. Their software - Toolbag is a full-featured real-time rendering, animation, and baking suite, providing artists a powerful & efficient workflow for all stages of production.


Quixel is an industry leading provider of tools and services for graphics artists. A company provides the ultimate ingest-to-playout delivery, storage and collaboration platform for TV and entertainment industries and is all about bringing artistry and speed back to next gen workflows.


In 2002 with a grant from SketchUp and at the California State University San Luis Obispo Fred Abler started a website called Objective Networks as a place for SketchUp artists to upload their models to share and download models made by others. Artists uploaded 1,000s of 3D models of cars, furniture, people, trees, plants and more. It was a success. With that success came the issue of maintaining quality and paying for the web site's maintenance. In order to consistently offer well-made models Fred along with the most excellent SketchUp artists chose to start FormFonts. The site went live in November of 2004 and has posted tens of 1000s of high-quality low polygon 3D models on a subscription basis.


The portal is available free-of-charge to millions of CAD users worldwide. It provides access to hundreds of supplier catalogs and more than 100 million CAD models and product datasheets that are suited to Design, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Maintenance processes.


Sculpteo offers a fast 3D printing service which is open to all. Starting from your 3D design they manufacture a wide range of objects: interior decoration, figurines, robots, miniatures, scale models and much more.

Wohlers Associates

Wohlers Associates, Inc. offers an unparalleled window into additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing. The independent consulting firm provides technical and strategic advice on the new developments and trends in rapid product development, AM, and 3D printing, which includes:

  • design and concept modeling;
  • rapid prototyping of parts for fit and functional testing;
  • patterns for castings and mold and die tooling;
  • jigs, fixtures, guides, gauges, and assembly tooling;
  • on-demand manufacturing of custom, limited edition, and short-run production.


Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Reallusion is a leading-edge software developer providing cinematic animation tools for PC, Mac and mobile platforms. Reallusion’s pioneering storytelling technology excelling at character animation, facial morphing and voice lip-sync allows fast creation of interactive avatars for 3-D real-time filmmaking and previsualization for professional post-production. Their powerful yet easy-to-use tools make character animation accessible to both Mac and PC users of all skill levels. Reallusion’s development of core technologies and growing base of intellectual property firmly establish the company as power among emerging technology innovators, furthering their graphic and imaging embedded kernels to top-brand device manufacturers worldwide.

3D Artist

3D Artist is an authoritative and well-respected source of inspiration for those working or aspiring to be working in the CG industry. Every product in the 3D Artist portfolio features guides for awe-inspiring images, interviews and career advice from industry insiders and behind-the-scenes access on major 3D projects, covering all software and disciplines.


Based in London, 3DPRINTUK specializes in SLS 3D Printing technology. Their small dedicated team can take you from design concept, all the way through to finished working prototypes. 3DPRINTUK have invested in top of the range printers to give you the best possible prints at the lowest prices.


Kstudio creates and develops products that help CG artists by speeding up their workflow and increasing their quality of output and offers high quality software for 3D visualizations, animations, game development and more.


Your CPU & GPU render farm for all 3D Software. Thanks to our massive cloud computing power you'll receive your render jobs within a remarkably short time for only 1.9 cents/GHzh and with discounts up to 60%.


All you need for architecture visualization! Grab our free collection of high-quality cutouts and textures, browse through archiviz tutorials or get lost in our free 4000+ free texture library. All you need to sky rocket your next presentation!


Pilgway is a software development studio behind 3DCoat, headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine. 3D-Coat is the one application that has all the tools you need to take your 3D idea from a block of digital clay all the way to a production ready, fully textured organic or hard surface model.

Craft Animation

Craft Director Studio is a suite of 3D plugins extending creative possibilities by eliminating the time-consuming tasks of keyframing, scripting and rigging. Users can create natural motion paths on-the-fly, optionally with an input device creating realistic interactive real-time animation. The toolset is a collection of plugins for vehicle and camera animation as well as many small add-ons.


Everything you need for the production and automatic optimization of 3D content. InstaLOD brings you instant and fully automatic workflows for 3D productions of all sizes. Easily achieve more than 10x in cost-savings when creating new assets or optimizing existing data with revolutionary workflows. InstaLOD

SiNi Software

Company brings to Autodesk® 3ds Max®, a growing collection of powerful new plugins and tools to enhance an artist’s productivity and workflow, whilst engaging the rendering capabilities of most leading renderers, and a whole lot more! Many studios, companies, and freelancers have signed up on either monthly or discounted yearly subscription and are seeing the continual benefits of SiNi Membership.


Huion is a professional supplier who provides the solutions of digital handwriting and digital painting. Since its foundation in 2007, Huion’s products include pen display, pen tablets, light pads, helping customers who are engaged in digital creativity field such as digital painting, 3D industrial design, film tricks, game concept art, cartoons, graphic design etc from creativity building, design and creation , visualization to the execution, which enables every creative person to make its dreams come true.

Pencil Kings

Pencilkings provides professional level art education to anyone, anywhere in the world without the traditional high costs. Price and location will not be a barrier to becoming a better artist.


Do you dream of being a world-class digital painter? At Paintable, we design interactive exercises to help you paint the ideas in your imagination. Since 2016, we've been fortunate enough to help hundreds of thousands of motivated students in their journey towards becoming a professional illustrator, concept artist or character designer.