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Juddy Hopps Rig
I have created this to present my Face Rigging script the "FemtoRig" which i have developed with in the past 2 years its perfect combination of the art and the technical it generates highly advanced feature film quality rigs that are equivalent to Pixar's and Disney’s rigs that`s why i have chosen Juddy Hopps to show it`s functionality .it has been used in production many times first in the first 3d season of Bakkar my team and i have rigged more than 120 characters by FemtoRig and also the second season with the same number of characters,

What the script does ?

1.it creates 2 types of modules
Ceneric Modules and Generic modules

The Centric module shares a micro controller in it and it has to be for both sides it`s ideal for (Moth , Nose ....ect).

The Generic Module doesn't share any micro controllers between the right and lift side and it can be single side it`s ideal for (eye brows , cheeks ..ect).

all the modules can have sub module (Upper and lower ) to use it for eye lids or the upper and lower moth lib.

Each module has 3 kind of controllers.
A) Main controller which moves the whole Module ,
B) Macro controller that creates the main shapes and expressions , C) Micro controller which gives you high level of control on your face
the macro controllers control the micro ones with weights the scripts do the initial weights with a vector-math which i have rote to get the accurate wights for each micro controllers then it pules this value back on each micro controller to let you adjust what you need

2.The micro controllers are seamlessly moves with the model deformation even if its blend shapes without any active blend shapes

3.Smart skinning tools make the skinning process very easy and fast you will find the skin the joint based rig so easy

4.Saving and loading skinning weights for multiple objects at once

5.Transferring skinning between objects or even just portion of an object to another portion for another object

Juddy Hopps Rig Features

1.Joint based rig.

2.single hierarchy chain "can be exported to any game engine"

3.No blend shapes or corrective blendshapes

4.Two level of controllers Macro Controllers and Micro controllers

5.selector GUI for the body and the face

6.Mirror capabilities

7.can be mapped into humanIK

8.seamless IK FK swich

9.fleshy eyes

10.sliding function for eyelids

11.scalable rig and you can scale the head separately and every thing will work just as expected

12.Toon arm and legs with flexi controllers

13.No Plugins Required

14.Soft Ik

15.Elbow/Knee Pinning and Sliding

16.Hybrid Ik Fk Spine



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kenus88 wrote
loved it. Thx
2269545428 wrote
liner wrote
Hey ! great rig :) is it possible to know how you've done the fur ? also, i'm quite interested in rigging my own characters, might buy femto rig one day
cmy-mahmoud replied to liner
i have made the fur with the xgen
listerzhang1982 wrote
It's really good! Thank you so much! I'm really appreciate it!
kyleg wrote
Your little pop up saying "rigged by Mahmoud Youssef" that opens up when you first open the rig...now pops up every time I open anything in Maya...how do I disable this
milesparker wrote
Hey, do I have to buy the other thing in order to animate the face? Also, i'm using maya 2015 and whenever I open the rig all that shows up are the controls, eyes and teeth mesh. Help?
zayfae replied to milesparker
Nah, It's called "Studio Library" and it's actually free and you can find it here. http://www.studiolibrary.com/download And here are some tutorials https://www.youtube.com/user/kurtrathjen/videos It works perfectly once you get into it. + Check the channel layers on the side,some might not be visible(The eyes and teeth problem).
vaganovbas wrote
Good for After Effects !
kparavind2014 wrote
HI, i'm using maya 2015 and whenever I open the rig all that shows up are the controls, eyes and teeth mesh. Help?
julien-ebel wrote
Great Rig. Can someone explain me how to display the micro controller on the face ?
382hnsl wrote
I'm making an animation clip with this rig, but it's too heavy. Sometimes maya stops. Is there any way to solve this problem? i'm using maya 2017.
jyhh1006 wrote
q21309008 wrote
shahin-hekmatkhah wrote
good work, test animate for judy: https://www.cgmeetup.com/project/zootopia t.me/kinganima


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