The Dust Project

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Hello everyone, I just finished my android application on which I have been working for more than 3 years. I hope you'll like it. I need your support. Thanks.

You will reincarnate the role of Nick Nelson, an informal racing driver, who has just been arrested by the incorruptible Inspector Edgard.

He will propose to you to register in a race competition to win your immunity. This competition is known as the "Dust Project". It is a racing championship with the most powerful SUV, which is organized by a cartel expert in all the kinds of traffics. This competition is organized in order to find professional drivers and recruit them in the cartel by providing Go Fast missions.
The Inspector Edgard explains that your mission will be to infiltrate this organization and to inform him so that he can arrest them. However, he explains that this mission is secret and that nobody knows about it. So if the police manage to stop you, he can do nothing for you.
In the face of a heavy prison sentence, you accept this compromise and you embark on stunning extreme races in Egypt, Argentina, Sweden, United States of America, France, Morocco, Japan, Montenegro, Australia, Italy, China and Peru. In addition to four other special races kept confidential. You do not know yet, but you will have surprises in this mission...

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