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We have nice chat about selling 3D models.

It is in Telegram: @cgtrader_likers

You can join by this link:

We will be happy to see new 3D-Stockers.

Thank you, take care.


Posted 11 months ago

I don't have Telegram installed, so I can't really join. Sounds interesting though.

Posted 11 months ago

So what? Listen from another Seller that sales is near zero? ))))

tssrkt wrote
No, there are many people who sell 3D models on different stocks, they tell about them experience, nebies ask questions and get answers from people who sell 3Dmodels many years... Anyway, you can ignore it, as you wish.
Posted 11 months ago

To tssrkt: nobody will say the truth about earned money. Everything newbes need to know is described on the site. Proposition-quality-price. Nobody answers where to pay attention.

luxxeon wrote
This statement has me curious. Do you feel people tend to inflate or understate their earned money? Personally, I wouldn't care to release my true earnings regardless if they're good or bad, because it's just not sensible business practice to throw around monetary figures abouy your income when you're privately owned or independent seller, but I'm just curious about those who do that. I wonder if the tendency is to overinflate their actual value, or do they understate it? I'm sure there are strategic reasons someone might be deceitful either way.
skapricorn wrote
@luxxeon: it seems like Exact-3d tries to apply his prejudices that he got in Russia or ex-USSR to whole world :) I'm talking this because "nobody will say the truth" is very common and usual thing for ex-USSR society (and misinforming at all) :)))) Partially he's right, but I'm more on your side than on Exact-3D's. Talking about myself: I think @tssrkt proposed not new (and not bad) idea. But I don't trust to products made by Durov and russians (Telegram is actually russian product made by the author and ex-owner of very infamous And other: I don't know who is designer and who is amoral seller or pirate. So it's very difficult to communicate with somebody who can use information not for professional intentions but for "inventing" some fraudulent strategies or tactics. For me regular googling and crawling through the regular forums is more comfortable.

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