No Budget Collaborative Project Designed To Bring More Italian Buyers To The CGTrader Market

Discussion started by miaomiao3d

There is     !!  NO BUDGET !!    for this project however it is a great opportunity for those who are interested in collaborating as a team to achieve the goal of diversifying CGTrader content a little more and producing models that haven't been done to death on this site yet.

I noticed that there aren't any models of this kind on CGTrader, and based on my market research this type of model is really hot on the Italian markets these days.

As far as the modeling goes one can model the character using any software they like so long as they can export it to OBJ and provide me with a Jpeg texture to go with it.

I am not interested in selling the model itself so whoever builds it can do that.

I will instead create a low poly paper cut out model to put on display at home.

As a form of payment i will give the paper printable template,  (for free for personal use only) to whoever builds the model for me so they can also have one to play with.

I am only attaching this specific image to see if anyone would be interested but I have lots more reference available to use.

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